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  1. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    I've always found chick fila to be overpriced and overrated...until the last year or so...I've really developed a liking for it.
  2. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    George Springer is awesome.
  3. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Gameday Thread: Angels at Minnesota (5/13/2019)

    I’m sorry lol. I had him last week. Picked him up on waivers. Quickly dropped him.
  4. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Orioles 5/11/2019 (No Simmons)

    Ohtani getting his timing down. I expect the 2b's and the HRs to follow.
  5. IF OHTANI ISN'T BATTING BEHIND TROUT THEN AUSMUS CAN SUCK A FAT ONE. Very excited for Ohtani! Hopefully he will rip the ball over the fence and into gaps. God, now Upton needs to get healthy. Good riddance to Stratton. This rotation spot is Canning's to lose. He has better stuff than Barria. What is the prognosis on Heaney ? EDIT: Just saw the lineup card. Now I need a cleanup towel .
  6. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Apparently the Reds are huge on R/R L/L matchups ? Picked up Dietrich in fantasy just so see him sitting out today.
  7. Can we just cut bait with this dude. He’s garbage.
  8. I prefer the no strike zone look. Makes me confident in my own calls lol.
  9. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    If both games in Mexico are rained out...

    Do we get out of Pujols' contract if the Trump Government doesn't allow him back into the country?
  10. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    AngelsWin Ghost Town

    Life. Off of paternity leave; so now my time is very limited. Very proud of the boys.
  11. Cut this Facking idiot already. He’s Facking trash. Pathetic.
  12. Already my favorite pitcher on the team.
  13. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Royals 4/28/2019 (Bour 8th)

    I could get used to that Bour.