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  1. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    I agree with you 100%...Maybe I worded it wrong, I just don't agree with the statement the family released as in looking for who to blame...but I'm not going to criticize them in this time; I do hope that the employee or teammate or whoever is held fully accountable to the fullest legal extent possible.
  2. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Tyler Skaggs autopsy results

    We are adults here right? Stop policing this thread. Nobody is taking personal shots at each other or threatening each other, its the reality of a drug OD. You have the crew that are holier than thou and demonize it and can't sympathize with personal demons some people may have and then there is the side that is opposite of that. IF you don't like it, stay the F*ck out of it and stop babysitting these adults. Jesus Christ, its a message board ignore the thread and continue with your day This is truly heart breaking news, I used to be in the camp that would be "holier than thou" to an OD and would lose a lot of sympathy until I started working with people who battle addictions and drug usage. F*ck, even I've battled inner demons with oxycodone, I love the euphoric numbness that you can get from it, thankfully I have enough will power to recognize how dangerous it is and the risks I was taking, so I turned away from it and haven't looked back. The family looking to hold the Angels' employee responsible for Skaggs obtaining these drugs is absurd....hold Skaggs responsible. He was an adult who made a conscious decision to put this cocktail into him. Yes it may have been supplied to him, and that person needs to be held accountable to the fullest extent possible, but Skaggs is not innocent here and the irresponsibility should not be diverted from him. At the same time, nobody should feel "less saddened" by this. Skaggs life was cut short and a husband, son, teammate, best friend was taken away from people who loved him. We don't know what the hell he was going through, the physical amount of pain he was in, or anything else that was going on in his life. All we know is that he made a bad decision and he paid the ultimate sacrifice for it. To sit there and judge him and feel less saddened by this is part of the reason why SOME people HIDE addictions (again, we don't know if skaggs was an addict) from others. This is still just as tragic of a situation as it was on day 1, people are hurting more now than probably ever with this news becoming public. I just hope the justice that needs to be served is served, and that Skaggs is remembered as the bright and energetic man that was loved by so many. Addiction, mistake, irresponsible, whatever it may be...he is still missed and this news makes it worse.
  3. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Pena, Canning, and Simmons to the IL

    Elbow Inflammation for Canning.
  4. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    What places do you refuse to eat?

    Wendy's, Sonic, Burger King, Panda Express
  5. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Simmons getting an MRI

    I think you gotta trade him this offseason while you can. I love his defense but I do think his bat is on the decline.
  6. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    This is pathetic. Jesus Christ that’s so bad...
  7. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Greinke to the Stros...

    Maybe I’m weird; but I don’t have an issue with the Astros and I find them enjoyable to watch. I like this move for them and like that it might give them the edge over the Dogs. I would have loved to be in a position to make a run at him but doesn’t make sense for us. Throw whatever we can at Cole and hope Ohtani comes back healthy as a P and Canning, Barrie, Suarez are solid 3-5.
  8. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Its farther than far fetched. Literally 0% chance they would even entertain the thought of it. They would laugh and hang up
  9. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    It could be as simple as its part of the grieving process for the players. Often times for athletes, their escape from reality is their sport. they look at it as a break from the real world and to go out and do what Skaggs (or whoever, in this case Skaggs) would have wanted to do. What he loved to do.
  10. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    South lake PD were called out to his hotel. He was found unresponsive at 2:18pm. Facking terrible. F*ck baseball. F*ck lakers. F*ck kawhi. This hurts. This hurts a lot.
  11. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    What the F*ck man...this is horrible. R.I.P
  12. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Starting Pitching in 2020

    Its time to move on from Skaggs and Heaney. I'm not a fan of Skaggs, I am one of Heaney's but they are what they are ...fringe 4-5 starters who run the pitch count up and melt. This is the offseason to make a big splash, the offense is there...its time to bring the pitching along. If I'm Arte and Eppler, I'm doing what it takes to secure Cole. If Ohtani returns to health next year, we're looking at Cole - Ohtani - Canning as the 1-2-3. Either dig into our depth for 4-5 or lock down a solid FA veteran who won't cost a lot.
  13. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    6/18 Angels at Blue Jays Gameday Thread No Upton

    Was that a bad pitch by Skaggs or just crazy power by gurriel? He pulled an outside change up
  14. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Your most unpopular Angels take?

    David Fletcher is just as fun to watch as Trout Simba should be traded, not extended
  15. Angels_Make_Me_Drink

    Gameday Thread: June 8th Mariners vs Angels