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  1. mulwin444

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    It's the talent...really the only thing that matters. Anyone actually think Alex Cora makes a huge difference for the Red Sox? Nope Until the roster gets better, the manager is pretty irrelevant
  2. mulwin444

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

  3. mulwin444

    Pujols Is Done.... Less Than 200 AB's In 2019.

    I'm sure Lou will do the honors...either way, at least he's used to being wrong by now so there's that
  4. mulwin444

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    An "8" as well for all the reasons mentioned. Also, for the all the people posting "he should have just torn it down and rebuilt", he has been just haven't noticed because he didn't trade our only players of any discernible value since 2016: Trout and Simmons. That's it, folks. Any starting pitcher worth anything has been either injured or recovering from injury, and the other position players have been either been stop-gaps (Giavotella, Escobar, Pennington, Nava, Espinosa, Maybin) or pretty much untradeable (Pujols, Calhoun). People act like trading away your big star automatically will land you MLB ready players ready to contribute to the roster in a year or two but that's not really the case. It's a crap shoot. As for the guys he did trade: 2016 Kody Eaves for Marte: 25 year old IF who hit .160 in AAA last season for a guy who has actually something at the MLB level Traded Feather-bat to the Phillies for cash Adam McCready (a 25 year old minor league relief pitcher) for Jhoulys Chacin - who was replacement level with us for half a season Traded Alan Busenitz (27 years old 7.82 ERA 2.013 WHIP last season) and Hector Santiago (5.61 ERA 1.428 WHIP in his time with the Twins) for Ricky Nolasco (4.43 ERA 1.343 WHIP with LAA) and Alex Meyer (3.94 ERA 1.348 WHIP when healthy) Traded Joe Smith, who is just a decent reliever, for Jesus Castillo, who is a decent AA SP prospect Traded Victor Alcantara (3.62 ERA 1.259 reliever with DET) for Cameron Maybin (1.8 WAR in 93 games with the Angels) Traded Kyle McGowin (27 year old reliever 5.87 ERA 1.435 WHIP in just 5 games) and Austin Adams (27 year old reliever 3.00 ERA 2.667 WHIP in just 8 games for Danny Espinosa (-1.3 WAR in 77 games with LAA) Traded Jett Bandy (-1.0 WAR in 88 games with MIL) for Martin Maldonado (2.1 WAR in 216 games with LAA) 2017 Traded cash for Parker Bridwell (4.37 ERA 1.261 WHIP in 127.2 IP 1.3 WAR with LAA) Traded cash for David Hernandez (2.23 ERAA 1.018 WHIP in 36.1 IP 1.0 WAR with LAA) Traded Hernandez to the DBacks for 21 year SP prospect Luis Madero (3.49 ERA 1.297 WHIP 2.4 BB/9 9.3 K/9 in 23 GS between A/A+) Traded Grayson Long (out all 2018 due to injury) and Elvin Rodriguez (3.34 ERA 1.235 WHIP in A ball last season) for Justin Upton (.255 .346 OBP .820 OPS 4.3 WAR with LAA in 172 games) Traded cash for Felix Pena (4.18 ERA 1.241 WHIP in 17 GS 92.2 IP with LAA) Traded Justin Kelly (minor league reliever) for Jim Johnson and international bonus slot money Traded Wilkel Hernandez (5.10 ERA 1.385 WHIP at A-/A just 19 YO) and Troy Montgomery (23 YO AA OFer) for Ian Kinsler (.239 .304 .710 OPS 2.5 WAR in 95 games with LAA) 2018 Traded C.J Cron (.253 .323 .816 OPS 2.0 WAR) for Luis Rengifo (.299 .399 .851 OPS in A+/AA/AAA 75 BB 75 K 41 SB) Traded Maldonado for Patrick Sandoval (2.06 ERA 0.956 WHIP in 20 GS 122.1 IP through A/A+/AA) Traded Kinsler for Ty Buttrey (3.31 ERA 1.224 WHIP 2.8 BB/9 and 11 K/9 in MLB with LAA, 2.20 ERA 1.082 WHIP 13.6 K/9 in AAA) and Williams Jerez (6.00 ERA 1.667 WHIP in MLB, 12 K/9 in AAA) This is not counting the many moves he's made working the waiver wire, international signings and drafts. I don't see many losses in those trades. Some are pushes but they are incremental advances forward, rebuilding a minor league system that had nothing.
  5. mulwin444

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    It was a HR...the Stros got hosed. Unfortunately, the PED Sux were the ones who benefitted.
  6. Sweet, now they just need "Los Angeles" on the road jerseys and they are set.
  7. mulwin444

    "Let the kids play"

    Players got to decide for themselves what's appropriate and what isn't. I think a batter should have the right to gaze, admire, fistpump, etc after a HR as long he's aware he could see a fastball in his earhole the next at bat.
  8. Smart move...hopefully through negotiations, Arte can finally get "of Anaheim" off the name.
  9. Eppler has shown capable of thinking outside the box so I'm sure his hire will reflect that approach. The guy chosen is going to have to be respected as a "baseball guy" in a clubhouse full of vets but also well versed in the latest analytics to be able to speak that language and apply it in practice. I'm guessing it's going to be former MLB starter, recently retired, but not too recent as he'll likely have spent time in a front office somewhere.
  10. I think I'd rather have first- timer than some crustiness like Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter, or Joe Girardi. Obviously, there is a predictability in those hires but it doesn't appear that is what Eppler is going for.
  11. Likely this was quite memorable
  12. mulwin444

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    Mixer or Twitch channels are probably going to at least show you the features...
  13. mulwin444

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing? This one has been getting some great reviews...
  14. Why not use every tool at your disposal for those nagging "Inflammation" and "fatigue" related instances?
  15. It also helps that he isn't talking out of his ass...