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  1. mulwin444

    Will the pitching health EVER stabilize???

    The answer is: "Never" If they found a magic formula to prevent injuries, it would have been applied by now. Think of all the studies and millions of dollars invested by MLB teams to prevent injury and it still happens. Perhaps there is pitching mechanic that can be standardized that will lesson the pressures on the arm/shoulder/elbow but, if it exists, it hasn't been popularized. My Dad was drafted out of high school by the Phillies organization and pitched for about 5/6 years in their minor leagues from the late 60s/early 70s. I grew up watching baseball with him and he would look at a pitcher on TV and just know he was going to hurt his arm based on his mechanics. One that stuck out in my mind was Jaret Wright. He saw him pitching for the Indians in '97 and his comment was "his arm will be toast in a few years". When I asked him why he said: "He throws with arm, no body". The way he learned to pitch was to use you legs, back and core as much as humanly possible to minimize the impact to the arm and to be in as great a shape as possible so you had the endurance to get through 9 innings. Some other factors that may have lessened his arm fatigue was that he only pitched during baseball season in High School and played Basketball and Football in the offseason. He also wasn't a part of any travel teams so his arm had some time to recover and, when it was baseball season, he threw a lot of long toss. ( He got injured by a freak accident that ended his pitching career. In Phillies spring training, he hit by a pitch on his pitching elbow and was pushed by the Phillies coaches to resume throwing prior to the fracture healing and he tore his rotator cuff trying to compensate.) So, in the past, you didn't throw year round but you also didn't really have medical alternatives like Tommy John Surgery or Labrum just had a "bad arm". I had an Uncle that pitched for the Twins in the 70's that threw around 250 innings at age 23, hurt his arm and threw 170 inning the next year, ending up back in the minors the following year and was out of baseball by age 28. He just had a "bad arm". Maybe there it's a combination of genetics, rest, mechanics, and building endurance....with some luck. But, again, if they knew what was going on they would have fixed it by now.
  2. And 1.1 WAR total for the year as opposed to being negative WAR previously.
  3. mulwin444


    Rarely have I seen a thread title that described itself so succinctly...
  4. Another horror story in Arlington against the Strangers...finding a way to lose
  5. Anderson is the new Jepsen...what a mental midget
  6. mulwin444

    Felix Pena

    Would you happen to have any updates on his recovery? I just see some vague "no timetable for his return" after his BP sessions on Monday Aug 6th
  7. mulwin444

    Taylor Chases The Yankee Clipper!

    But will Chase chase Chase...
  8. mulwin444

    Felix Pena

    Just looking at the set rotation spots, we have Ohtani, Skaggs, Heaney, Tropeano, and Barria, This, of course, if optimistically assuming relative good health for Ohtani, Skaggs, Heaney and Tropeano, and just working with what's on the 40 man roster right now. On top of that, you have Meyer supposedly returning and Shoemaker in the mix somewhere. Lots of uncertainty. If Ontani is healthy enough to be in the rotation next season, you are likely going to see a return of the 6-man rotation...I think he's your 6th man at this point.
  9. mulwin444

    Felix Pena

    Eppler acquired him from the Cubs after they put him on waivers for cash/PTBN in OCT. He's done a hell of a job: Since being promoted in mid-June as a starter this season: 4.02 ERA 47 IP 41 H 21 ER 21 BB 45 K 1.319 WHIP After taking out his meltdown start against Seattle: 2.73 ERA 46.2 IP 35 H 14 ER 19 BB 44 K 1.174 WHIP Road starts: 1.34 ERA 20.2 IP 13 H 3 ER 11 BB 18 K 1.188 WHIP (Starts Baltimore, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and San Diego)
  10. mulwin444

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Sure, there's that...but I also enjoy seeing Red Sox lose. Both things can happen. I can admire the players on the Red Sox for their skill and hope they lose overall as a team. Seeing them lose makes me me a little skip to my step.
  11. mulwin444

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Just like the Astros, M's, Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, A's, etc are made up of lots of young men, trying their damndest to be good. And I still want to see them lose and blow saves...
  12. mulwin444

    American League Playoffs Set?

    No, hasn't been "great". He's been great, good, average, to mediocre depending on the season and he gets traded more than Dave Kingman in the 1970's. - 2012 - Great Season - 0.60 ERA 0.777 WHIP 641 ERA+ - 2013 - Average Season - 3.38 ERA 1.335 WHIP 114 ERA+ - 2014 - Above Average Season - 2.85 ERA 1.342 WHIP 128 ERA+ - 2015 - Mediocre - 4.74 ERA 1.404 WHIP 81 ERA+ - 2016 - Average Season - 3.44 ERA 1.393 WHIP 116 ERA+ - 2017 - Average Season - 4.23 ERA 1.193 WHIP 110 ERA+ - 2018 (so far) - Good Season - 2.89 ERA 1.350 WHIP 150 ERA+ One truly great season over the past seven - otherwise he's "hit and miss" just like most average relievers. By comparison, Blake Parker has put up 2.87 ERA 0.973 WHIP 149 ERA+ in his two season with the Angels...would you consider him great?
  13. mulwin444

    American League Playoffs Set?

    Why? He pitched awful for us (4.32 ERA 1.590 WHIP 91 ERA+ in 100 IP 5.7 BB/9 7.1 K/9).
  14. mulwin444

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    See? We didn't need to sign J.D. Martinez...he's already here