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  1. Good point and I think you may provided the answer to the question of how Ohtani's DH only status could impact the roster. Technically, Canning, Barria, and Pena all have options they can exercise to work with their innings as "Swing Men".
  2. When Skaggs comes back: Skaggs, Cahill, Harvey, Pena, Barria, and Canning They are going to go to a 6 man rotation next year anyway when Ohtani is pitching every 6th day, you can limit Pena's, Barria's and Canning's innings and it's not like Skaggs has been the model of health, Once Heaney comes back, Pena goes to AAA or the BP.
  3. mulwin444

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    From 2014 - 2016, Calhoun put up 4.1, 3.0, and 3.3 WAR averaging about .265 .330 OBP .775 OPS 115 OPS+ 3/$26 mil is a pretty decent deal for the team considering he was entering his 29-31 seasons for that period. Career-wise, Calhoun put up his best numbers as a lead-off hitter (.267 .331 OBP .793 OPS), so they are technically putting him in the best position to succeed. Even last season, when he was wretched for three months, he still put up .242 .327 OBP .787 OPS batting lead-off. It's a shame...what looked like a bargain didn't end up that way.
  4. It's game 17... (Shrug) Angels were 1-6 just a bit ago...then they were one game one game under. It's a long season...
  5. Do the Angel's actually Scout or just voluntarily throw it in Gallo's hot zone?
  6. mulwin444

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    God, I hate this shithole...
  7. mulwin444

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    Did Ausmus pass out in the dugout? My app is pinging like mad from this dumpster fire inning...
  8. mulwin444

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    So, right now, I'm primarily playing "Anthem" on the XBox One X (gamertag: Mulwin). For those who haven't picked it up yet but are interested, "Anthem" will be on sale at Gamestop for $40 starting April 14th. It took about 60hrs to get through to level 30 just doing the main and side missions with all conversations within Fort Tarsis and about 160 hrs total after Freeplay, Strongholds, Quickplay, and Legendary Missions were completed. Lots of stuff already and there is going to be a bunch of new things added through May's "Cataclysm" event. It's worth checking out.
  9. mulwin444

    Ohtani update

    Simmons in 2018 as lead-off hitter: 0-1, batting 2nd: .227 .275 OBP .582 OPS Simmons in 2017 as a lead-off hitter: .212 .297 OBP .631 OPS Calhoun in 2018 as a lead-off hitter: .242 .327 OBP .787 OPS Calhoun in 2017 as a lead-off hitter: .225 .340 OBP .790 OPS in only 11 games, batting 2nd: .264 .329 OBP .743 OPS in 75 games
  10. mulwin444

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Not saying you're wrong in the grander scheme of things as Goodwin seems to hit lefties well. If Goodwin is batting .300 on game #114, Bourjos is likely on the bench, but I'm sure he feels that he has to attempt to get these guys on track at some point.
  11. mulwin444

    Ohtani update

    Simmons career as lead-off hitter: .221 .261 OBP .597 OPS in 77 games Calhoun career as a lead-off hitter: .267 .331 OBP .793 OPS in in 277 games I mean, when you're going to "soft-ball" them in like this...
  12. mulwin444

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Just to be clear, it is now game #14 so I think it's indicative of nothing more than trying to get guys who hit righthanded in a line-up against a pitcher good at neutralizing lefthanded hitters. Peripheral to that, they are obviously trying to get guys like Bourjos and Cozart more at bats in a line-up that is without a DH. That being said, it is still just game #14...
  13. mulwin444

    Jake Jewell recalled

    Barria is sent back to the minors
  14. mulwin444

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Right? It's odd and he can't even be brought in later as pinch hitter/LF...or that Fletcher can't play anyplace else but LF. It's like there is no versatility defensively with this roster