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  1. This essentially sums everything we're trying to convey and I guarantee you there will be those who will either not get it or ignore it entirely. Great post, though
  2. Wow, first time in baseball history a team was out of it on (checks calendar) December 13th prior to the new season even beginning...
  3. mulwin444

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I'm not getting this...there is no mandate that something - anything - has to get done at the Winter Meetings for it to be a successful offseason. The Corbin deal was dumb, Eovadli was going to stay in Boston unless we wanted to pay more than 4 years for him, and I'm seeing a ton of tier-2 mediocrity signing multi-year deals. Eppler is a discplined GM that is not going to blow up the plan just to grab headlines or overpay just to sign someone above average for depth.
  4. But help him "understand the optimism"!!!
  5. Well, it also helps being an optimist in general...unless you are generally optimistic you are not, by default, going to view things that could break one way or the other optimistically. Helping you "understand the optimism" is a bit of a fools errand since it helps, initially, to be optimistic at all...
  6. mulwin444


    Speaking of May, if you haven't had the chance, check out a video that's been posted of Andy Serkis dressed as May but talking in Gollum's's equally amazing and terrifying
  7. mulwin444

    2018 Hot Stove League

    3 years for Happ? Yeah, F that noise. Eppler sticking to the plan of not signing dumb contracts. Happ's agent said that the first team to offer 3 years would get him so now you know who that was... If there is money to spend on anyone, I think they will put it towards Machado since he's young, can play an excellent defensive 3B, is not blocking anyone really (Ward is likely not ready), and won't cost a draft pick. If they lose out on Machado, they'll look to Moustakas to see if he'll take a 1 year deal and, if not, you are probably looking at Cozart again at 3B and Fletcher at 2B. I think they'll pursue Ramos but would be alright with a 1 year stop gap if the cost is too high. I think the plan is to avoid injury and uncertainty in regards to starting pitching which is why I don't see them pursuing question marks or projects like Matt Harvey, Trevor Cahill, Derek Holland, Clay Buchholz...guys like that. They will obviously look at Keuchel but I'm not sure they pull the trigger on that one. I feel like someone in the area of Lance Lynn, Gio Gonzalez, or Mike Fiers on 1 or 2 year deals while also looking at the possibility of bringing back Shoemaker. Eppler will do what he's done...not sign guys that will cost a draft pick (why Machado is still play as opposed to someone like Harper who would still cost a draft pick), not spend prospect currency unnecessarily, not commit to huge deals on older players, continue to work the wavier wire, minor league free agency, and cash/PTBNL trades for talent that can't make other team's 40 man rosters.
  8. Floppy, maybe you should sit '19 out. Nothing short of making ill-advised moves will make you happy with what the team is doing and Eppler is not going to go "Full Dipoto" and F*ck the organization for the next 3-5 years.
  9. mulwin444

    THIS Winter Meetings

    The thread title "THIS Winter Meetings" made me think of: "This Things I Believe..."
  10. mulwin444

    Scooter Gennett?

    I have no idea what Taylor Ward will eventually become...hope he's good for us at some point.
  11. mulwin444

    Cowart has been abducted by Dipoto

    Dipoto playing the long game again... He intentionally botched the Ohtani deal just to ensure we would sign him thus creating an issue with roster spots eventually...Profit again for the Jedi
  12. mulwin444

    Cowart has been abducted by Dipoto

    Did he want to do it then (1 to 4 years ago)? If not, what we talking about it? "Hey Kaleb, remember how you used to pitch in high school?" "Yeah?" "Well, seeing as how your hitting is still a work in progress with no guarantees it will play at the MLB level, want to try pitching again?" "Nope, not really" "Okay, then..." Right NOW, the Angels don't have a spot on the 40 man roster for a non-hitting switch hitter, good defender who might be able to pitch...which is why he has put on waivers. He was claimed by the M's because Dipoto is throwing everything against a wall to see what sticks. Good luck to him.
  13. mulwin444

    Cowart has been abducted by Dipoto

    For all those "Angels should have done this with him years ago", perhaps he didn't want to pitch then, or last season, or two years ago. Angels don't have the roster spot for an experiment but the M's do because they are terrible.
  14. Minor league OF depth/Filler
  15. mulwin444

    Dumpster Dives

    That's what I was referring will be probably be more than 2.5 Mil but maybe get Gonzalez on a 1 or 2 year deal at 15-20 mil. Just throwing some stuff out...there is a lot of "average-ness" that could perform at "above-average" as a 4 or 5 starter. I'd also look at seeing what it would take to re-sign Shoemaker if his forearm is indeed truly healthy.