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  1. Strength. Pronounced as “streungth” or perhaps, “streuongth.” Located. Pronounced as “lo-KATE-ed.” Emphasis is on the “cate” in “located.”
  2. DowningRules

    Can someone please explain Mookie Betts to me

    Based on his short stature and minimal frame I strongly suspect PEDs. But this is also a reflection of being suspicious of teams playing Boston. Whether it be The old Boston Gardens having dead spots on its floor and purposefully creating an awful atmosphere in the visitors locker room, or Ortiz - and other Red Sox players using PEDs, Boston has proven to get creative in an effort to win. This doesn’t even consider the two other reasons for Betts’ numbers: he’s very good on contact and fenway loves a high pop fly to left. This has been mastered by Betts.
  3. DowningRules

    Skaggs hurt?

    I was wondering who would be headed to the DL today. Legit not being sarcastic. The only surprise is that we didn't see it happen during a game. It is somewhat Christian of the Angels to go ahead and build up to it today so we're not troubled later while watching the AAAngels.
  4. DowningRules

    Done with the Sports Lodge and Rodger Lodge

    Hmmm....I don't know what to do now.
  5. I stream the Angel games via the FSW app, so I don't know if everyone is privy to the annoying ads I rush to mute during Angel telecasts. My nominees for the three worst ads so far this season are, in order of annoyance: 1. "WE RUUUUNNN THE ????????": I don't know what this ad is for. Nike? It starts with a #metoo-like shriek. A shriek so shrill, that it can only be called 'shrill.' I don't care if that word is a no-no these days if used in the context of a female's voice. This woman's/girl's voice is just plain shrill. On top of the shrill, I simply don't know wtf she's shrilling about. "We run the _______?" What? What do you run, shrill lady? The bases? The kitchen? What in theeee hell do you run? If you must shrill, shrill in English so we at least know what we're muting. 2. Chevron ads with the Bobblehead Thing from Hell: I hate these ads. I hate the set-up. I hate the woman's voice over. I hate when she says, "Sea monster!" "I hate when she says, "goooooaaal." If face painting had a voice, this would be it. No wonder this awful bobblehead woman is alone. All the other bobbleheads hitched a ride somewhere else and told Bobblehead Thing from Hell they couldn't go to the beach or the soccer game because they were 'busy.' But really, the other bobbleheads met up and had a great time without her. As a 2018 qualifier, I have to state that I do not hate her voice because hers is a female voice. There's no shrill component here. It's just a din on the eardrum. The voice represents the fat lady in the office who organizes stupid office stuff and then you have to worry about upsetting her if you don't jerk her off about how great her gross pineapple upside down cake is. 3. Volvo: A fairly new entry. Lots of door slamming and banging. We get it. You're boxy, and have doors that shut. Hoo-f'ing-ray. If that's your differentiator in the crowded car market you're toast. Stop!
  6. I don't like this dude's hair. It's got a bit of modern era Mark Langston to it by way of a '70s biker gang. Maybe some Japanese boy band energy in there too. I would suggest he trim it, maybe give it a fade. The part down the middle is crushing, and not it in a good way. Needs to cut it shorter on the sides, part it on the left. Maybe Jose Mota can host a cut-a-thon with Ohtani translator translating for him. How would you cut the Translator's hair? Please to solve.
  7. "All of that with better numbers outside of Houston, then in Houston." Enyoy.
  8. DowningRules

    What do you want to read about in spring training?

    Fitness and weight training are such a huge part of the game now. I’d be interested in reading about how a few players keep their fitness going in the off season and what training they do in preparation for the season, esp during spring training. Routines? Diet? Aerobic exercises? Personal trainers?
  9. Is the hate for Dipoto here based on the way he ran for the hills from the Angels during the season? Or is it more based on poor performance as a GM? I can understand the grand dislike for Dipoto, but on the other hand, I was impressed that he took the time to attend that Angels Win spring training jump-off and seemed genuinely happy to be there. I thought that was cool and maybe would save him from some of the comments I've seen here.
  10. DowningRules

    Angel Stadium scoreboard construction pics

    Seeing football players and football field markers makes me want to hurl. Will never ever ever ever be a fan of the Rams for reasons portrayed in these flashback inducing pics.
  11. DowningRules

    Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Worst news of the day. Pretty much sealing the fate of Escobar. Besides being a pretty good Miami Vice bad guy stand-in, he was a joy to watch in everything he did. And he has fashions. I now have to revert to Jose Mota as Miami Vice bad guy stand-in, esp. if he still has his OG bright red covertible Mercedes.
  12. DowningRules

    Jerry Dipoto

    HItler was a more gentle lover.
  13. DowningRules

    We got him! Ohtani selects the Angels

    "Hey Howard, there's your chinaman."
  14. DowningRules

    Good restaurants that get little fanfare

    Olive Tree down the road from there is really good. I liked the previous shanty-town like location better but the food mostly remains the same.
  15. The look on Lance Parrish's face, like, "WTF am I doing in ANaheim?"