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  1. m0nkey

    Will Captains ever return to baseball?

    I forgot David Wright was captain also
  2. m0nkey

    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    Since this thread: 11 innings, 4.91 ERA, 1.82 WHIP (7 BB and 13 hits), 9K's. 2 blown leads and another loss where he came into a tie game and gave up the go ahead runs.
  3. m0nkey

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Christian Yelich leads the majors with 26 home runs and leads the NL with 16 steals. Last player to lead a league in both as far as I can tell is Ty Cobb, who led the league with 9 home runs and 76 steals.
  4. What's in it for the pelicans?
  5. m0nkey

    All Umpires Suck

    This is supposedly Angel Hernandez
  6. m0nkey

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    He's had a shitty season. Finished 7 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, 10 Ks and the Cubs came back to win in the 9th. Just awesome
  7. m0nkey

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Biggest trade in sports today
  8. I saw they were favored after Klay’s ACL tear
  9. m0nkey

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Kelley has been good. Kelly has not been good.
  10. m0nkey

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    We obviously don’t know what value he brings off the court to the organization like the article says, but I just can’t imagine the lakers not getting Anthony Davis because of Kyle Kuzma.
  11. m0nkey

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Actually surprised
  12. m0nkey

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    KD will get a max from someone. An all time great, but he'll be 32 at the start of the 2020-2021 season, so you're really punting next year and giving 3 years $120 million (or whatever it is) to a 32 year old coming off an Achilles injury. Makes sense for the Knicks to do it, likely get another high draft pick next year (since apparently Kyrie's going to the Nets) and go for it the following year.