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  1. m0nkey


    He can keep all his on field antics, just get a new hair style.
  2. m0nkey

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    Best post in this thread
  3. Did he come to play in games 1-5?
  4. This is nice hitting the other way
  5. m0nkey

    F**ck Everything :-(

  6. m0nkey

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    There's also a Chick FIl A in Pasadena by PCC that takes forever to get you your order.
  7. Astros are -190 for today’s game. That’s Dodgers playing the braves type favorites.
  8. m0nkey

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    It's a conversation on whether or not the call was correct, not whether or not the Astros should have won
  9. Hard to believe the NLCS and ALCS are the same sport.
  10. Troll daddy said that. You know what that means
  11. if this doesn’t settle it I don’t know what will
  12. I thought if the ball is on the fan side of the wall, it's fair game.
  13. m0nkey

    Trouble in Doggy Land? (Kershaw)

    Not sure. Maybe he decided to be motivated again.