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  1. Shortstop for the New York Yankees for 20 years and won 5 titles when baseball was more popular than it is now (I’m assuming, don’t have facts to back it up). I’m fine with Jeter being rated how he is. It’s how the world works
  2. m0nkey

    Betts for Adell?

    Mookie Betts is second among hitters in fWAR since his debut in 2015 at 33.6, which is 6.0 ahead of third
  3. m0nkey

    Betts for Adell?

    He's finished first, sixth, and second the last 3 years in MVP voting
  4. Chris Sale done for the regular season. Shut down for 6 weeks, and getting PRP injections, and will be re-evaluated by James Andrews. Don’t know about you but I don’t think it turns out well for him.
  5. Yup. I get the reasoning behind it, but it’s like 3 pointers in basketball.
  6. m0nkey


    It’s the best part. Flare!
  7. m0nkey

    Chris Stratton

    Good for him
  8. m0nkey

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Well I’m sure you know they’re all over the world. If you hate all of them, then more power to you.
  9. m0nkey

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Not just picking on you but I don’t get it. Sure he sucked ass and had his relapses, so he didn’t live up to the contract for the team I root for. Good for him, life goes on. He didn’t do anything to me personally.
  10. Apparently the Angels are one of the most successful franchises
  11. m0nkey

    Home Runs

    I miss steals and pitchouts
  12. m0nkey

    Jose Ramirez

    The day this thread started. The Indians have AJ to thank
  13. It's too bad Juan Soto's defense is so poor in a corner outfield spot, since I think it really deflates his WAR and overall national spotlight (kind of tough too with Acuna being about the same age putting up the HRs and SBs) Last year he hit .292/.406/.517 with a 146 WRC+ as a 19 year old and he follows it up with .290/.404/.545 and a 142 wrc+ so far this year.
  14. m0nkey

    Jose Ramirez

    The power of Angelswin.com Since June 21: 196 PAs, .320/.367/.674 with 14 HR and 7 steals and has accumulated 2.5 of his 2.6 fWAR
  15. m0nkey

    Gameday Thread: 8/15 White Sox @ Angels

    Tough error on luis