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  1. Lavar will not be pleased
  2. Off the field marketing/endorsements is making him suck? Guess that explains CJ wilson and Hambone
  3. So then it’s not the reason he’s sucking donkey dicks
  4. What “”flair”” have you seen him do this year?
  5. If i say Torii and Torii Jr look alike, am I racist?
  6. Holy smokes canning is making moves quickly
  7. Angels make up more ground when they don’t play than when they do
  8. m0nkey

    School fundraisers

    Does a comment about stickboy go here?
  9. Have you watched him much this year or are you basing this on preconceived notions?
  10. Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and MLB all had him over trout
  11. Matt Moore was ranked #1/2 as well pre-2012. Oops
  12. He broke it monday night. I think he takes the cake for biggest hot head in the majors. He got mad at Brinson last week for yelling "lets go" after hitting a sac fly to tie the game. Brinson was the first guy hit last night