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  1. m0nkey

    Please stop!

    I miss that guy. His family must’ve taken a long summer vacation.
  2. Speaking of dodgers, their bullpen has been a disaster.
  3. I wanted to look up who leads the league in strikeouts looking to see if that’s true but I don’t know where to look
  4. Apparently Chris Taylor leads the NL in strikeouts (according to joe davis. I could easily look it up myself but I won't). How did that happen?
  5. m0nkey


    Is this after the mexican factor is applied?
  6. m0nkey

    The Future looks...

    Female. Oh that's something else
  7. Rafael Palmeiro is hitting .301/.424/.495 in 125 PAs in independent ball. He turns 54 in a couple weeks
  8. Doesn't help that Muncy and Kemp are turning back into pumpkins
  9. Nice, congrats to him. Thanks Jerry!
  10. Adam Engel has robbed three home runs this week.