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  1. I gave context after for those who forgot how varied his 2018 season was.
  2. The problem is that he is not a safe bet to repeat that. Also, that generally isn’t how you spend payroll. You don’t drop 15mil on a guy hoping he’ll be a 2 WAR player. For that, you’re hoping for 3+ WAR. For 2 WAR, you’re looking for guys like Goodwin and hoping to get an average major league player on the cheap. Which we did.
  3. Overall numbers had little significance to the point I made. But thanks for sharing your helpful opinion also.
  4. Which part of the year? He sucked. He adjusted and was good. Then he struggled again. The adjustment carried over to this season. The overall year, his numbers were bad, but there was a period during the season when he was very good.
  5. He was underrated last season. He wasn’t as bad as people thought. Lot of people thought we should cut them. Now they think we should bring him back. Both opinions were reactionary, incorrect, and missed the big picture.
  6. I don’t think the issue is that we want change, it’s just how baseball works. How exactly would we find room for him? He isn’t worth 14mil, so best case for keeping him would be declining his option and trying to re-sign him on the cheap. What then? Unless Adell’s development really stalls, he’ll at absolute latest be up by 2021, and that’s being pessimistic. Upton isn’t moving. He has an ntc and his value isn’t high right now because of a down year. Only way it works is if you assume Adell and Marsh are a couple of years away. That assumption would be completely wrong. And even in the infinitesimal chance it was right, that would most likely mean they aren’t nearly as good as we think, and we’re in huge trouble. The real irony about everyone upset with Calhoun leaving: Everyone wanted him cut last year, now they’re broken-hearted that’s he’s leaving. Which is even more hilarious when we consider that his resurgence still puts him barely above average at the plate per OPS+ and wRC+.
  7. The market is fickle. And I will be correct. I call that a win.
  8. We overrate Calhoun’s season because he’s hitting a lot of bombs, but per Fangraphs, he and Goodwin have had virtually identical seasons value wise at the plate. Calhoun is a little better defensively, while Goodwin rates out better as a baserunner. Calhoun’s 15 extra games over Goodwin has him .5 WAR ahead. In other words, it’s a wash.
  9. Range: 1yr 5mil to 2yr 20mil. It won’t be with us in either case.
  10. Paywall, but a few interesting notes. ”Eppler said that the club’s evaluations of its catchers and the position going forward will be more predicated on the “primary tools” of the position – namely fielding (or framing) and throwing – while offensive contributions are secondary. The goal of the position, as Eppler and Ausmus both said, is to make the pitchers better. ” That doesn’t rule out Grandal, since he is an elite pitch framer. “The Angels catchers who have graded out positively in terms of framing are Garneau (0.5 Framing Runs), Bemboom (0.5) and Stassi (3.9 with Angels, 9.8 overall).” “When the Angels didn’t acquire a single pitcher at this year’s trade deadline, Eppler countered by pointing to the club’s acquisition of Stassi from the Astros. (Stassi has three hits in 49 plate appearances in an Angels uniform) but behind the plate he has produced as advertised.) Despite just 352 innings this season for the Astros and Angels, his 9.8 Framing Runs are the fifth-most in baseball. Given that he is out of minor-league options but won’t hit free agency until after the 2022 season, Stassi currently figures to be the club’s most likely backup catcher going into next year.” Names listed as possible acquisitions: FA: Grandal, Castro, d’Arnaud, Maldonado, Avila Trade options: Hedges, Barnes, Caratini,
  11. Sean-Regan

    Concerned about Trout

    It’s amazing how you’re wrong about...well, everything.
  12. Highly doubtful that Simba gets traded. I'm agnostic on whether I'd do it if a top pitcher could be had in return, but I'm bullish that Simba's value is low at present. SS is a tough position to trade in any case, and with him batting at replacement level (or worse), any team that might even be interested in betting on the upside has no incentive to offer much. It should be obvious at this point he's worth more to keep him than to move on from him.
  13. Sean-Regan

    Low Key Rant

    You missed the part where his best reliever started getting hit hard.