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  1. Sean-Regan

    Brad Ausmus: "It's a performance based game."

    The Angels have the best K/BB ratio for hitters in baseball...
  2. Sean-Regan

    Simmons extension

    I like Simmons. A lot. I still wouldn’t give him $100mil. Considering his bat has only played the last few years, his decline at the plate is likely to come suddenly. His defense is generational, but as an over 30 FA, I’m not paying 20 per year for a glove only, which means I need to be positive his bat will remain at least average till his mid thirties. That’s risky.
  3. Maybe he’s giving it to his brother the Cardinals fan.
  4. I’m curious - how in the world do you authenticate it once you leave the stadium? As far as I know there’s nothing distinctive about it. Seems like it would be worthless once he leaves the park? Is the dude just indifferent/an idiot?
  5. The fact that anyone asks this question or thinks it is accurate shows how analytics is misunderstood. It *is* true that analytics are occasionally abused - sometimes you need to let a player do what works for them; trying to tweak them too much can mess them up - but any good analytics guy with half a brain (the vast majority) knows there is no one-size fits-all approach. Analytics is just more information. No one should have a problem with that. Not everyone (like Vladdy) will be helped by more information, but having it available? That's a no-lose situation. I read the other day that Luhnow in Houston when interviewing managers would ask if they would be comfortable having the front office fill out the lineup card for them. Any prospective manager who said that was fine was automatically out. The Astros are the top of the class in analytics.
  6. Sean-Regan

    If you were to trade Adell.....

    Trade Adell straight up for Clevinger or Vlad Jr. ...Why no, I’m not bitter at all at Dipooto. Why do you ask?
  7. Ask me again in a month or two. Right now, it’s too early to make any kind of meaningful conclusions, but I’d say no. I’m not sure the AL West is better than 5th among the divisions, honestly. But we’ll have a better idea in late May or June.
  8. Sean-Regan

    Barria sent down

    Heaney wasn’t injured then?
  9. Sean-Regan

    Grit Baby!!!

    Wizard of Aus.
  10. Sean-Regan

    We're #8 !!!

    The Angels are worth more than the Astros, but the Astros are currently more profitable, per their profit estimate.
  11. Sean-Regan

    Will they get to .500?

    They’ll be down one tomorrow with Trout out. Hopefully he’s back on Friday.
  12. Here it is. No ‘negotiations’, but the Angels approached him with interest. No doubt he signed for significantly less than they would have given him.
  13. Re: Grandal: See pic below. Pretty sure Fletch said the other day that they checked in but the price was significantly more than they were going to offer, so they didn’t get to the point of ‘discussions’. As to whether they would’ve offered the same deal they did to Cozart, that’s unclear. They initially approached Cozart about 2B, so that isn’t necessarily the case.
  14. They made offers to both. Both weren’t interested. Both signed for less elsewhere, if I’m not mistaken.
  15. Sean-Regan

    2019 Bullpen

    Any team missing their #2-3 best hitters are going to have holes in their offense. Some teams will be better able to absorb it, but look at Houston last year with their best guys going down. They have solid depth and they still struggled.