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  1. Sean-Regan

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    Point is, it’s not like he’s never done it at a semi-competitive level. Wouldn’t be easy, but I’d imagine it would be doable. Could be a rough process, though.
  2. Sean-Regan

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    The RISP is just an odd fluke related to sample size. Like Kershaw in the playoffs. He’s had success there in the past. I wouldn’t make much of that. As to 1B, I thought someone said he played infield in HS, so it shouldn’t be an impossibility. Due to the premium Eppler puts on defense, I’d think about making that move this offseason, personally.
  3. You literally said Marsh was an acceptable centerpiece for that deal. Quit moving the goalposts. Sure, it would cost Marsh for like Boyd Boyd =/= Bumgarner. Also, trading Adams doesn’t make sense at this point. It’s too early to project how good he may be.
  4. Not a rental, so that’s something.
  5. My first thought - focusing mostly on results and comparison of the suspensions - is that this pisses me off. After thinking about it, I’m okay with it. My understanding of it: From MLB’s perspective, it doesn’t matter if it was intentional - under the circumstances, the other team will view it as intentional, so even an accidental HBP that smells like retaliation for a previous offense will result in a suspension. Suspending Ausmus is about letting managers know that retaliation will not be tolerated and they are responsible to keep their guys in line. Suspending Noe is about letting pitchers know that if they hit a player on the other team in the current circumstance it will be treated as retaliation by the league. And it serves as a warning for any other pitchers on either team who might think of ‘evening the scales’: You’d better keep command of your pitching or else. As far as the disparity in suspensions, it really comes down to roles: Noe isn’t going to play three days in a row. Probably won’t play more than one out of three. Everyday players typically play at least 2/3 games. Only part I’m not happy about is Marisnick only getting two games. It seems light, but if it’s considered an accident, results aside, it’s not egregious. Noe’s reeks of retaliation even if it wasn’t intended to be and is punished more severely as a result (most of the time, there obviously wouldn’t be any discipline for a HBP).
  6. We are not in a position to spend on a rental. That kind of spending is now Dipooto neutered this team. Only way we should be spending is for asset beyond this year. That isn’t Bumgarner. Given his known strong preference for the NL, it’s highly likely he would not re-sign in the offseason. Also, despite his age, he’s clearly not as good as he used to be. Hardest of passes.
  7. This is maybe one of the worst trade ideas I’ve ever heard (not quite ‘Trade Trout’ level, but geez...). Bumgarner is an upcoming FA. Why in hell would you give them Marsh for Bumgarner and a bullpen piece we don’t need? If I could downvote this fifty times, I would. It’s truly abysmal.
  8. Sean-Regan

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    Can we quit with this “we need a power hitter to make up for 3B” - that’s Trout and Upton (OF isn’t always a huge source for power hitting). We have the power hitting moto bats. Ohtani, too, part time going forward. We’re not hurting for other big bats right now. We need just good hitters.
  9. Interesting comment from Rosenthal: “In February, Baseball America ranked the Angels’ farm system 12th-best in the majors, up from an average of 29th from 2014 to ’17. But consider the team’s No. 2 prospect, Double A outfielder Brandon Marsh, who seemingly is blocked with Adell coming, Justin Upton signed through ’22 and Trout locked up through ’30. If the Angels were willing to trade Marsh, they probably could land any starting pitcher they wanted. But why force the issue? Marsh, 21, is three years younger than the average player in the Southern League, but his .810 OPS is 100 points higher than the league average for qualifying hitters, according to Inside Edge. The Angels consider him perhaps their best defensive outfielder in the minors. Even if they could acquire three-plus years of Boyd, who is good but not Jacob deGrom-good, it would be difficult for the Angels, in their current state, to justify parting with a potential All-Star.” Is Marsh more valuable than I had assumed, is Rosenthal wrong, or is he simply referring to headlining a trade package?
  10. Sean-Regan

    Noe Ramirez

    Geez - the MLB Tonight crew almost had a benches clearing brawl over this one: Amsinger, Byrnes, and Plesac. That was one crazy-ass ten minutes.
  11. Sean-Regan

    Noe Ramirez

    Also, it was their catcher taken out. I’d imagine pitchers feel particularly protective of them.
  12. Sean-Regan

    Throw at Marisdick

    Still pissed over his slide, but props to Marisnick for his response tonight.
  13. Sean-Regan

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    Disagree. He’s proven himself an above average major leaguer and fringe all-star. His defense has been great and his bat, though low on power, has been an on base machine. Maybe he regresses, but so far he looks like at least average at the plate with plus defense. That’s valuable. His offense is tough to predict. His peripherals suggest maybe a little bit of luck, but even with some regression he’s probably a .320-.330 obp guy. With elite defense, good luck finding more value from every position he can play. Fletcher is the kind of everyday player that championship teams need.
  14. Sean-Regan

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    The issue is less the return and more a) the roster spot and b) the salary. You could make the first one work by using 1B/Dh as an extra source of AB’s, theoretically, but you could also potentially use the salary to better use as well. Let me reiterate: I’m skeptical Kole is moved before the offseason. Given Skaggs’ passing and the locker room closeness, I don’t think they just casually move him. But unless they’re convinced Adell isn’t ready (no sign of that), he needs to be up with the big club. Upton isn’t really moveable. I like Kole a lot, but he still clearly the odd man out if/when it comes to it. And based on his struggles at the plate in recent years, there’s good reason to question him beyond this year, anyway.
  15. Sean-Regan

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    How much minor league service did each have before he was called up compared to Adell? Also, heck, why don’t we just sign an extra couple of aces so we can keep Canning in the minors for depth. I mean, we obviously have boundless resources.