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  1. Sean-Regan

    It's extension season!

    He’ll be the only FA starter of significance available. He’ll get overpaid, and Eppler doesn’t seem keen on overpaying. I think we’ll make a trade before doing that. Nothing particularly . See my earlier comment. His agent is Boras, he’s fixed on free agency, and he’s going to get offered a not load of money. Even if the Angels were his top choice (which I’m skeptical of), they’d have to overpay to get him, IMO, due to the market scarcity on quality at his position.
  2. Sean-Regan

    It's extension season!

    Cole's not itching to come home, he just wants to max out his contract. He'll make bank. Doubt he comes to Anaheim.
  3. Not to be nit picky, but it’s 360. The rest was already due to him.
  4. Should've been obvious in hindsight - I mean, his first name is "Weather".
  5. 2020 may come at just the right time for Pujols - the Angels can carry an extra bench spot just for him to play 1B occasionally and pinch hit late in games.
  6. Sean-Regan

    Trout press conference question

    I won’t be there, but I’ll probably watch regardless. Usually they don’t say much of anything, but I’ll still most likely tune in.
  7. Sean-Regan

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    Keuchel is the poster child for the kind of guy Boras would’ve gotten a lot of money for in the past, but front offices no longer fall for his song and dance any more. Could Keuchel be worth it on a four year deal? Sure, he could. The risk is substantially higher than anyone wants to go for, though.
  8. That’s about 1.7mil a year. Smooth.
  9. Sean-Regan

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    @Jeff Fletcher Any word on a press conference about the extension? Assuming it’d be probably Thursday if there was?
  10. Sean-Regan

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Pujols is worse than Ohtani. Nobody in the world (including Albert) believes otherwise. Pujols will not play over Ohtani. Pujols can’t stay healthy at 1B. This means he will sit more than he’d like and probably get injured paying 1B. When healthy, he won’t bat lower than Trout, Ohtani, or Upton if all three are in the lineup.
  11. Sean-Regan

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    His peripherals aren't good and are getting worse. He's got an imminent collapse coming in the near future - why do you think no one is offering a long term deal? Because they see it also. One year, sure, 20mil is probably solid. More than that, I fold.
  12. Sean-Regan

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Can I just say, I hope it is more. The more Betts makes, the less Boston will have to spend on their team. I doubt Trout cares much about being the record holder.
  13. Sean-Regan

    Trout project done. Now do you sign Keuchel?

    Keuchel would be a horrible signing. He’s a 3 now, and will probably be a 4 or worse within two years. He’s got disaster written all over him. He’d probably be a solid one year signing, but that isn’t happening.
  14. Sean-Regan


    Russo is basically your average, ignorant internet troll, except he gets paid for his cold takes.