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  1. DNA Altered After Time in Space

    Did his dick get bigger or smaller? Asking for myself
  2. LOL Angeles

    I'm going to Arkansas in 10 days. Bentonville. Yeehaw
  3. He should win this week. He's won Bay Hill 8 times I think
  4. LOL Angeles

    Datz where der bitches be from
  5. I've been getting the IRS scam phone calls recently. I don't have the time to call them back unfortunately.
  6. Hey listen you fat fucks. If you want to drop some weight but struggle to get past a month or two, give yourself financial reasons to keep at it. I lost 50 pounds and made $800. @Glen is doing this now as well. Use my link to sign up if you're interested.
  7. MLB Podcast Suggestions

    I'm in! Just please bear with me and my schedule. Busy season at work (through mid-May) and coaching little league.
  8. LOL Angeles

    I got back $2K from State only $1K from Feds but paid probably 3 times more if Federal than State. Married/Jointly.
  9. Stephen Hawking died

  10. Pick 6

    Hope you have affiliates in Salt Lake
  11. LOL Angeles

    Not sure how that's possible unless you're figuring in property taxes and own a mansion
  12. Pick 6

    Please no
  13. Pick 6

    Torii was fine. The rest...meh
  14. Pick 6

    I think we have a serious Claude curse. Every ____________town and ___________land hasn't really worked out all that well.
  15. Pick 6

    Better - Heaney, Upton (40+ Bombs), Shoe (200+ Innings) Worse - Othani (he'll suck his first year), Pujols (less than 300 ABs), Kinsler (he'll be average at best)