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  1. I'd be curious to see data on the geographical regions the vast majority of these people are in. Seems like a bunch of racists to me. And aside from self-identification I'm not sure how to define White Evangelical Protestants as a subgroup. The majority of white people I know, who are also Christians, but aren't catholic aren't very political at all. And I know tons of those white ass mofos.
  2. LOL @ Conservative "justices"
  3. Adam


    PPN is THE trusted source for news
  4. Adam


    At the end of the day you just can't trust human beings to do the right thing. This is downright nefarious and it sucks that a fucking clown of a POS human being can say everything is fake news and we can't really blame people for giving that credence.
  5. Adam


    You’d think the media would start to learn
  6. Adam


    I think Chase should play Trump's next rally in bangmycousininthebuttville, AR
  7. I watched the replays. They both tripped over Simmons' teeth
  8. Adam


    700 pages 0 problems solved 1 mind changed MAGA
  9. Adam


    Are there any metrics by which we're ranking presidents or is this just emotion?
  10. Adam


    Yeah. Your life much worse, is it?
  11. Adam


    uh oh I think we found someone who is #stillwithher
  12. Adam


    Parties. Nomination processes. Primary rules. Lots of shit much worse than the electoral college.
  13. Adam


    I'm impressed he ate a salad
  14. Adam

    Garage Sales

    Oh shit. Peaches! I forgot about that broad