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  1. World's Shortest Books

    The only book shorter is: sexual things I've done with others by tdawg
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    "I believe none of us exist, that we're just a part of someone's dream."
  3. Anyone watch mindhunters yet?
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    I’m loving learning about all this stuff
  5. Trumped

    I blame democracy and voters
  6. The people have no resources to mount a rebellion. And no one is going to help them. If invaded they’ll definitely launch and Seoul will be crushed. Someone is gonna have to assissinate the guy I think.
  7. Question

    We're the best of the 1st game losers!!
  8. North Korea will not be the aggressor in any conflict. The only interest is maintaining control.
  9. World's Shortest Books

    The exploits of my cock @tdawg87
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    That belief is why Western diets have led to an obesity and insulin resistance crisis. Check out some talks with Tim Noakes and Gary Taubes (just do youtube searches or podcast searches), the science is becoming a lot more clear, though more testing is definitely necessary. Insulin resistance appears to be the cause metabolic disorder and heart disease.
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    Negative. Gary Taubes and others have changed my life!
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    I have been crushing pork rinds and cream cheese for lunch the past few weeks.
  13. Recipe Of The Day: Turkey Meatloaf

    Put an italian sausage in the middle.
  14. Recipe Of The Day: Turkey Meatloaf

    I have an awesome turkey meatloaf recipe. I replace the turkey with 80% lean ground beef.
  15. It's Official

    Madden has been dogshit in the last two postseasons