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  1. Adam


    I use sunblock. It's like $8 at Target
  2. Adam

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    They're a year away at minimum but if they can hang around and play the second half with a 2-3-4 of Trout, Ohtani and Upton, they could make some noise.
  3. Adam


    Shocking to me that Statist officials. in a carefully designed system and hierarchy would act in a way that benefits the State.
  4. Adam

    F'n Jeff Mathis

    Mathis is going to Manage the Angels one day. Lock!
  5. Not really. Weld is as libertarian as Trump is faithful
  6. The Angels won the trade but they did get ripped off because they could have gotten Simmons for less at the time.
  7. Adam


    I wish we would Mission Viexit from CA
  8. Adam


    Aside from the time I thought tank was going to drug and rape @nate and me on the 10th tee
  9. Adam


    Never happier to be wrong
  10. Adam

    Hi old friends

    Their? Wtf
  11. Adam

    Hi old friends

    Are their tits?
  12. Adam

    Calolfornia @yk9001 here’s some porn for you
  13. Still an epic shot!
  14. Extremely cock loving