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  1. Adam

    Anyone ever live in the Miami area?

    Do you like being raped by Castroites?
  2. Adam

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    1/2 year, $3.5 Thousand
  3. Adam

    Thoroughbred Racing

    Also, Breeder's Cup back at Santa Anita next year. Keeneland in 2020, Del Mar in 2021
  4. Adam

    Thoroughbred Racing

    Saratoga and Del Mar cards for tomorrow. Pacific Classic.pdf SAR--08-18-2018.pdf
  5. It would appear that kids with parents who value education and hold their kids accountable to becoming educated will ultimately have more success than kids that don't regardless of where they go to school.
  6. Friggin white people
  7. Adam


    Definitely not Dr. Dorr. I've lost too many times with Pavel. I'll probably use Accelerate on top and try to get a longshot underneath.
  8. Adam


    Not my party. I've been trying to find a date for @Tank and I. He wants to go. My buddy has a box for Sat and he got in a fight with his wife so she bailed. If you come out I'll buy you a beer and give you a couple losers.
  9. Is it a government agency?
  10. Adam


    Pacific Classic
  11. Adam


    I plan to slam some drinks early on Saturday