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  1. Adam

    2020 Democratic Field

    I like Tulsi!
  2. Adam

    2020 Democratic Field

    You got some high purchase thoroughbreds debuting for a tag. Never good. Some consistent claimers that try real hard and hit the board and a couple of recently gelded class droppers. It is definitely a puzzle.
  3. Adam

    2020 Democratic Field

    That's how bad the field is.
  4. Adam


    You guys are just now getting upset that your votes, letters to congressman and pleas are worthless?
  5. Appears to be a hit. Wife prolly hired the killer
  6. Adam

    The dark web

    Oh I'm sure. Technology is the greatest weapon liberty-minded folks have against the State. Viva Bitcoin!
  7. Adam

    The dark web

    Sounds like theres a lot of gay stuff and meth recipes
  8. Adam

    Political Gallery

    Was this before or after he destroyed Lybia? Guessing before. Otherwise he'd be smiling
  9. Hard Knocks, man. It's pretty good, man. You with me, man? We clear, man?
  10. Welfare states and socialist nations aren’t the same thing. Are you advocating for more welfare and insane taxes or government controlled industry?
  11. Adam


    The only thing gayer than protesting is protesting by committing violent acts
  12. Adam


    I don’t like him either. However, he is in the greatest photograph ever taken.
  13. Adam


    Just trolling you bud
  14. Chuck forgot to add "....It's about the State controlling 100% of the energy sector."