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  1. This news seems like a good deterrent for illegal immigration
  2. Adam

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    He sucks. He had a lucky two weeks. We got lucky that he was lucky.
  3. He's like the perfect trifecta horse. Passed tiring foes late to get a piece.
  4. Adam

    Never Forget?

    The government steals trillions of dollars a year and government workers who do their job (above and beyond) have to beg for fractions of pennies. lol nice system
  5. That was a pretty good US Open considering there was no drama. Woodland was awesome. Looked like he had won 10 majors
  6. I like immigrants that don’t get caught
  7. How many died under other administrations?
  8. Adam


    Extreme leftism is a religion.
  9. Adam


    What a pussy lol
  10. Well I don’t know about my fellow Christians but I’ve been praying for @acosta daily since Geoff was in Chicago
  11. Adam


    Well they’d likely be at least somewhat discreet
  12. Adam


    Any campaign would
  13. If only you guys could slide into my PMs...