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  1. Went to the movies on Sat. Saw That Hitman's Bodyguard. It was fun. Sidenote. WTF man. All these stupid comic book movies. There's only a handful of movies worth seeing each year.
  2. Opiates vs. alcohol

  3. Hate speech

    Tim Pool is my new favorite twitter follow. Give him a follow if you're a reasonable human.
  4. Political Gallery

    You can't defeat racism with racism. Or, maybe you can. I dunno.
  5. I saw it last night. Yes, I was at your mom's
  6. This is the gayest recipe thread ever. This isn't
  7. Stubborn Soda

    Do they have diet?
  8. Hate speech

    Authoritarianism of any kind is awful
  9. Confederate Monuments

    Makes the most sense to let the citizens of the town the monuments are in to decide.
  10. Confederate Monuments

    We should get rid of all statutes, flags, etc...
  11. Trumped

    They should stop voting for the GOP!
  12. Recipe of the Day: Cold Pea Salad

    That recipe is HIV positive
  13. 2020 Election Thread

    Whoever runs a centrist will probably win. The extremists are getting too gnar. Thank goodness we're nowhere near these shitholes