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  1. Keener

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    My lie was Alice in Chains. Regret that i never saw them live. I thought Sugarland would be guessed as lie. My wife was a fan, so i took one for the team. Joke was on me, though, because i had a blast. They actually put on a great show, the guy was tremendous playing multiple instruments.
  2. Keener

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    No, saw them 3 times. One of my all timers.
  3. Keener

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Barenaked Ladies
  4. Keener

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Nine Inch Nails Aerosmith Beastie Boys Alice In Chains Sugarland Foo Fighters
  5. Or Rodgers is going home with the guy buying beers. Allegedly. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  6. Keener

    A bunch of players...

    That cash from the Pirates
  7. I hate them. All of them.
  8. Was that just Cam's reaction to entering the game with the bases loaded?
  9. Bour. Allen. Confluence of suckitude.
  10. My son's high school team has about 4 absolute automatic outs in a row. Wait, where was i going with that....
  11. Keener

    Game Postponed- Masters Game Day

    Not even a real big golf fan. But that's pretty damn cool.
  12. Mix in taking a pitch after the 2 guys in front of you just walked. And yes, i get that many of trout's at bats will be "unintentional-intentional" walks.
  13. Milwaukee has 6 guys who would be our cleanup hitter