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  1. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    Chill out geeze! He just asked a question. Your Astros example is funny because they did exactly what doc is suggesting. (Verlander)
  2. What if Cron kills it in ST?

    Cron has zero trade value. Guys getting dfa are better than cron.
  3. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    Put me in the get reed camp.
  4. Mock Line Ups

    Personally I always like the 9 hitter to have at least decent speed.
  5. 4th OF?

    I say Revere or Raja Davis.
  6. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    LV is important to this team. He's a nice power option to PH off the bench or give Pujols some rest. I'm also not sold on Ohtani coming in and hitting the cover off the ball in a role that would be unprecedented (Pitching I think he'll be fine)
  7. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    THIS! Great take. If we gave Cozart 3/38, then 5 /65 for Moose was probably on the table but borASS would never let him sign with the other moves in baseball not happening yet. C-YA MOOSE
  8. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    Line-up all set. Love what Eppler has done. I'd still be down for Headley or someone like Zobrist who can be a super sub. Think we need a bullpen piece, but I wouldn't be surprised if the rule 5 guy is legit. We have a legitimate wild card time.
  9. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    great! So that means you expect kinsler to have a great year
  10. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Pujols is a better 1b than LV, yes I'm serious. Acquiring cozart and headley would be amazing.
  11. With his great defense I would take those numbers, especially since they are probably the floor of what he does.
  12. Walker wants 4 years For Hernandez Phils want waaaaay too much Kipnis is not as good as Kinsler HK never won a batting title
  13. If we had Dipoto or Reagins I'd be legit scared right now.
  14. Great defensive 2b. Above average hitter with some power and speed. Down year or aged last year? As someone else said I'd wager Kinsler > than anyone at 2b for us in a loooooong time. Go get Moose.