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  1. A case for Chris Carter

    Do you have Heaney injured or in AAA?
  2. glad someone still gets a cheers reference!
  3. He's never been in my kitchen this Spring.
  4. To be fair what else could Eppler say? "Yeah I'm concerned, we're placing a lot of confidence on Parker and so far he's looked like last year was an anomaly"
  5. The first #Angels pitching injury of the spring.

    John Lackey, Alex Cobb, RA Dickey, or in house Bridwell?
  6. Blowtani

    You posted a walk as evidence of his bad at bats lol. Kid deserves some time to adjust and the season hasn't even started yet, This is a long term investment. Even if this year doesn't pan out we will have him when he figures it out.
  7. Rivera has thrown out both B Hamilton and D Gordon in a fews days. That's pretty cool.
  8. The last roster spot

    Carter. I'm always down with having someone on the bench who could hit one out.
  9. Troll Daddy I'm saying if he went through waivers someone would claim him, but I don't see a team willing to give up anything in a trade for him.
  10. Gameday: 3/14 Angels vs Indians

    Time to get Holland
  11. I think several teams would grab him in a heartbeat for a back-up catcher role. I'm not sure if he has any trade value though.
  12. Pick 6

    This will be fun to revisit at the end of the year Above 1. Heaney 2. Johnson 3. Carter Below 1. Upton 2. Ohtani (as a hitter) 3. Parker
  13. Anyone remember any former superstar veterans who had Spring Training invites with the Angels but didn't make the team? I can only recall Tom Candiotti, Jose Canseco, Mark Mulder, and Carlos Pena.
  14. These are the Angels out of options

    I agree with that. Not sure if they have any value though. I think Perez is a legitimate back-up catcher on almost any MLB team.