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  1. Erstad Grit

    Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    I don't think Angels need to do anything to limit Skaggs' innings. Him pitching too many innings is not really a concern.
  2. Erstad Grit

    Pick 6

    bahahaha I thought Carter would impact Angels this year These are fun to read
  3. Erstad Grit

    Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    Yeah Skaggs is still a massively overrated pitcher to me. 116 innings, 8 wins, 1.31 whip, 3.78 era, Y'all attacked me like I was hating on Koufax yet at the end of the season Skaggs is still Skaggs
  4. Erstad Grit

    Question re: Ohtani

    Mike Hampton's 2001 season (which wasn't very good) is the closest modern example I can think of. 14 wins and 7 HRs. I thought I remembered Zambrano hitting more homeruns than what he actually did.
  5. Erstad Grit

    Terry Smith

    I don't care for either. Langston is great in my opinion.
  6. Erstad Grit

    2019 Schedule

    Pujols back in st Louis
  7. Erstad Grit

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    Agreed. I think anything under 5/75 will get laughed at. Kershaw will opt out but get a deal with the dodgers IMO. He strikes me as a dodger for life guy.
  8. As we all look towards the off-season with at least one eye, this is the guy I'd target the most. I'm curious if the board would be as excited about centering on him.
  9. I'm actually bummed. Scioscia was patient and stubborn. More often than not this worked for good for the angels. When it didn't it was excruciating. Truly end of the greatest era in angels history.
  10. Erstad Grit

    Red Sox get Ian Kinsler

    I didn't know that part.
  11. Erstad Grit

    Red Sox get Ian Kinsler

    Anyone remember the trade deadline when Chuck Finley was going to enter free agency? We were out of it , as usual. Finley became known as "the yankee killer." Indians knew they had Yankees in the playoffs and a trade for Finley looked like a guarantee. They couldn't get the deal done. We got nothing. Indians got shelled and then signed Finley as a FA. Strange how small things stick in one's memory.
  12. Erstad Grit

    Red Sox get Ian Kinsler

    We traded for him, we didn't sign him to a 1 year deal
  13. Erstad Grit

    Gameday Thread 07/28 vs. Mariners

    Can you imagine the hype if he was a Yankee or Red Sox?
  14. Erstad Grit

    Martin Maldonado traded to the Astros

    I love Maldy but this is a great trade. Interesting prospect and we get a better look at our catching depth, plus the option of pursuing Maldy as a FA if we want.
  15. Erstad Grit

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    Corbin, Machado, Miller to close.