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  1. Albert Pujols up in the eighth with a 1-0 count and men on second and third, no out. They pitch to him. He taps out softly to second, no runners advance. Brian Freaking Goodwin comes to bat... and they intentionally walk him. This is just getting sad. How can Albert look at himself in the mirror at this point and see a viable contributor to a major league club?
  2. I don't know if anyone else here listens to Effectively Wild, the Fangraphs podcast. Today they held a "draft" of all major league teams, in order of how "fun" they are. (It was up to each of three podcast hosts to define "fun" as they drafted.) The #1 pick, by the show's primary host was... your Los Angeles Angels. The rationale: Trout is the most fun player in the league, Ohtani is the second most fun, Simmons is one of the most fun... so what if the fourth most fun player on the team might be... Tommy LaStella? The Phillies and Dodgers rounded out the top three. Take a listen:
  3. Capital_Dave

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    PINCH HIT FOR PUJOLS. Who is more likely to ground into a double play here?
  4. Capital_Dave

    Which prospect do you think. . .

    I think Matt Thaiss will be a great 1B... but not for the Angels.
  5. Capital_Dave

    Angels runs scored contest

    823 - Capital_Dave 811 - Hubs 810 - HaloJustinBieber 809 - Slegnaac 805-Eligrba 801- jordan 792 - Angelsjunky 789-Biergott 786 - Dick Enberg 785-AF84 780-Stradling (F*ck off about the fries) 777-INVISIBLE MAN 775 - Fish Oil  772 - Angel Oracle 766 - Ray McKigney 764 - dochalo 759 - True Grich 757 - AngelsLakersFan 755 - Bobster7587 752- Kody Mac 750 - Flop  748 - BackUpTheTruck 730 - Angel dog and beer
  6. After all the DRAMA over Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, planes flying in and out of Vegas, the White Sox recruiting friends and family members, stake outs, one-year-deal rumors, endless ESPN pablum. Mike Trout, with no build up at all. At 7AM. On a Tuesday. Quietly, humbly, and with finality. So Mike Trout.
  7. Capital_Dave

    Fantasy Advice

    Lindor, Harper, Bauer for me. Especially in a 12-team league, Bauer will have serious value now and in the future.
  8. Who woulda thunk that on February 26th, we would STILL be nowhere near resolution of this contest?
  9. Capital_Dave

    More teams jump in on Harper bid

    I would bet that mathematically you could make a case that a ridiculous-sounding $40M 1 year deal would be worth it. Not that I would *ever* do that with Bryce Fricking Harper, but so many of these long term deals are predicated on the out years being bad deals. If you have the chance to do a one year deal at a ridiculous AAV, you have to look at it. I'm really curious what happens with Trevor Bauer. He insists he's going to do nothing but sign one-year deals. Should be a fascinating experiment.
  10. Capital_Dave

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Yep, I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Phillies are negotiating against themselves. These national reporters want to cutlivate good relationships with the agents so they just trot out whatever self-serving BS they're given, without confirmation. Man, I'd love to see Boras have to swallow his pride and take an inferior deal to Machado's. Machado seems to me (and likely to many owners) a far safer and more valuable bet than Harper.
  11. Capital_Dave

    Ty Buttrey on Hot Stove with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds

    Gotta love an Angels late-inning reliever who squints.
  12. Capital_Dave

    Your Favorite NL Team(s)

    Expos. As an Angels fan, I'm sure you can relate to my passion for the underdog.
  13. The thread is worth a read. Huston Street talking trash, Brad Hand accepting Weave's golf challenge with Hand's next paycheck at stake... there's even a Jeff Mathis sighting. Something for everyone.
  14. I love Castellanos, but he seems like the last player that a defense-first GM like Eppler would target.
  15. I'm just here for the @Jeff Fletcher replies. He's likely the only one here with an informed opinion.