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  1. Capital_Dave

    Ty Buttrey on Hot Stove with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds

    Gotta love an Angels late-inning reliever who squints.
  2. Capital_Dave

    Your Favorite NL Team(s)

    Expos. As an Angels fan, I'm sure you can relate to my passion for the underdog.
  3. The thread is worth a read. Huston Street talking trash, Brad Hand accepting Weave's golf challenge with Hand's next paycheck at stake... there's even a Jeff Mathis sighting. Something for everyone.
  4. I love Castellanos, but he seems like the last player that a defense-first GM like Eppler would target.
  5. I'm just here for the @Jeff Fletcher replies. He's likely the only one here with an informed opinion.
  6. Capital_Dave

    Angels bullpen is the ultimate Eppler gamble

    One of those "two of three" pitchers... Cody Allen.
  7. Capital_Dave

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I'll tell you what, that 7/$175M offer is getting a lot of ink today. Now is the time, if you're Eppler, to make a one-time 24-hour take-it-or-leave-it offer. 8/$200M sounds like a good number: would be a terrific value...
  8. Capital_Dave

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Eloy Jimenez, Nick Madrigal, Michael Kopech... It doesn't matter how many current White Sox players you can name, by 2020 all three of these guys will be major league studs. Jimenez in particular is a breakout star in the near future.
  9. Capital_Dave

    Are we cutting Eppler too much slack?

    His courtship and landing of Ohtani, in and of itself, merits an extension and a full-letter-grade bump.
  10. Kimbrel 3/54 Red Sox Keuchel 4/85 Phillies
  11. Insider-only article by a staff writer ranks the Angels in the "Big Gainers" category with the Nats, Reds, and Mets. Something for the "less is more" / "trust Eppler" partisans. 4. Los Angeles Angels Change: Gain of 5.6 wins Current forecast: 87.5 wins (2019 rank: 9 | 2018 final rank: 15) The Angels have added Matt Harvey, Jonathan Lucroy, Trevor Cahill and Justin Bour, and can also expect to get a key piece back from injury in Zack Cozart. More than anything, though, the Angels haven't lost anybody of impact except maybe starter Matt Shoemaker. Only two teams have lost less WAR from its season-ending 2018 roster than L.A. As it stands, the Angels are positioned to battle the Tampa Bay Rays for the second wild-card slot in the American League. Traditionally, that slot -- from the hot stove perspective -- is highly volatile. The Angels could stand to make major gains from the addition of another couple of impact pitchers.
  12. Hard not to watch that and not be an even bigger fan. Surprising that he credits the Angels with introducing him to analytics! Great watch, thanks for linking that.
  13. With three open roster spots on the 40-man, seems like the Angels are well-positioned to go after (and commit to) a player or two via the Rule 5 draft this morning. We'd have to commit to keeping them on the 40-man for the season, but some teams have done very well with 40-man draft acquisitions (Josh Fields, Delino Deshields, heck even Justin Bour being notable examples). I just happened to get to see Sam McWilliams throw six shutout innings this past season in AA and he was pretty impressive. Very tall and lanky, reminded me of Jared Weaver. Doubt he'd fall to us but he could be viable. 2.84 ERA/ 3.30 FIP in 2017, though he took a step back last year due to a couple of clunker starts (still had a 4.04 xFIP, FWIW). Full write up (with a profile on a couple of intriguing pitchers) here:
  14. Capital_Dave

    Bold Winter Meetings Predictions

    This is like Winter Meetings Fanfic.
  15. Capital_Dave

    Alvarez to Philly

    I'm going to be the contrarian. I love this trade for the Angels. Eppler is looking past outdated metrics like ERA and focusing on luck-independent measurements like FIP. It's forward-looking and, frankly, ballsy. This isn't a GM making timid moves with an eye toward not getting fired. He has an approach and he's trusting it. This is the move of a confident GM. And it means we're DEFINITELY in the market for a top-tier righty closer. This move makes it more likely that we'll aggressively pursue Kimbrel or Familia.