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  1. With three open roster spots on the 40-man, seems like the Angels are well-positioned to go after (and commit to) a player or two via the Rule 5 draft this morning. We'd have to commit to keeping them on the 40-man for the season, but some teams have done very well with 40-man draft acquisitions (Josh Fields, Delino Deshields, heck even Justin Bour being notable examples). I just happened to get to see Sam McWilliams throw six shutout innings this past season in AA and he was pretty impressive. Very tall and lanky, reminded me of Jared Weaver. Doubt he'd fall to us but he could be viable. 2.84 ERA/ 3.30 FIP in 2017, though he took a step back last year due to a couple of clunker starts (still had a 4.04 xFIP, FWIW). Full write up (with a profile on a couple of intriguing pitchers) here:
  2. Capital_Dave

    Bold Winter Meetings Predictions

    This is like Winter Meetings Fanfic.
  3. Capital_Dave

    Alvarez to Philly

    I'm going to be the contrarian. I love this trade for the Angels. Eppler is looking past outdated metrics like ERA and focusing on luck-independent measurements like FIP. It's forward-looking and, frankly, ballsy. This isn't a GM making timid moves with an eye toward not getting fired. He has an approach and he's trusting it. This is the move of a confident GM. And it means we're DEFINITELY in the market for a top-tier righty closer. This move makes it more likely that we'll aggressively pursue Kimbrel or Familia.
  4. Capital_Dave

    Thaiss for Seager?

    While Dipoto is Dipotoing... Thaiss is effectively blocked by Pujols/Ohtani for the foreseeable future. Seager has 3/$57.5 left on his contract. Would a Thaiss for Seager + $20M trade make sense for both sides? I know how bad Seager was offensively last season, but he was playing through a broken toe (and his offensive numbers plunged post-injury) and other than last season he's been a pretty consistent .250/.350/.450 kind of player, nothing spectacular but very durable with good defense. And a lefty bat to boot, something that the Angels need. Better than (but not much different from) Cozart, who could swing over to 2B.
  5. Hey, thanks man. Always nice to see a constructive response. My point is that things always seem to cost more (in terms of $$ and dealing away prospects) than message board posters want them to. If Eppler decides to go for it with Trout in an effort to get him to be an Angel for life, he may find it necessary to deal away a key prospect or two to make it happen. We always want to horde these guys but at the end of the day they're unproven and major league veterans are proven known commodities. It may be Arenado, it may be someone else, but you have to give something to get something, and dealing away a Jahmai Jones, for example, may be the price the market demands for a trade that gets us back into contention.
  6. Billy Eppler quietly makes a monster extension offer to Trout (which is rumored but never confirmed by either party) and is turned down cold, which leads him to conclude, correctly, that he needs to show Trout that he can win in Anaheim, and soon. Therefore, Eppler makes a flurry of moves, most of which have a 1-2 year time horizon. 1. The one exception is that the Angels post and sign Japanese LHP Yusei Kikuchi to a 5 year, $42 million contract. The conclusion of the contract, many note, coincides with when Shohei Ohtani will hit free agency. Many write think pieces about the role Ohtani must have played in recruiting him and the marketing potential of having Japenese-American players as a 1-2 at the top of the rotation in 2020 and the years that follow. The AAV of the contract exceeds most estimates and the contract is second guessed as being too exorbitant for an MLB-unproven pitcher with past health issues, pissing off many on 2. The Angels trade for Nolan Arenado with no extension, giving up either Adell, Jones, or Thaiss in the process for a one-year rental, pissing off many on 3. Angels sign Zach Britton to a 2 year, $24 million contract and immediately bypass in-house options Buttrey and Parker, anointing Britton closer without a competition, pissing off many on I hope you see the trend. Prepare to be pissed off. Welcome to Angels Baseball.
  7. Capital_Dave

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    They should allow Trout to give a live weather forecast immediately before the National Anthem for every game, broadcast on the stadium speakers and simulcast on KLAA.
  8. Capital_Dave

    Angels and Yankees, trade partners?

    We already know who is trading for Skaggs, don't we? Think about it. He traded for Skaggs (giving Dan Haren in return) as GM of the D-Backs. Then he traded for Skaggs (giving Adam Eaton to the ChiSox in a three-way trade) as GM of the Angels. Yeah, that's right, it is inevitable that our old friend Jerry Dipoto is going to trade for Skaggs a third time. The Mariners' best prospect is currently on the DL. Sounds like he'll fit right in. Welcome to the Angels, Kyle Lewis.
  9. Capital_Dave

    Is Ohtani a distraction?

    We are getting a likely 4+ WAR player for league minimum, and he's under club control for six years to come. Sign me up for a little distraction.
  10. It sounds like I'm in the minority on this one, but to me, replacing Blake Parker with a veteran closer who led the NL in saves last year is a pretty substantial upgrade. One consistent ingredient in recent World Series teams is a shut-down bullpen, and our 'pen has way too many question marks. As sexy as a second round prospect might be, so many of them prove to be busts. Proven veteran >>>>> sweet minor league prospect, especially when you're in win-now mode. Would I trade Jahmai Jones for Greg Holland straight up? Probably not. Jones looks legit. But would I have done it the day after we drafted Jones, having never seen him in a minor league game? You bet. If we could get a shutdown closer at a substantial discount, like a 1 year, $15 million deal, especially since MLB Trade Rumors had him down for a 4 year/ $50 million deal? Sign me up.
  11. Think we can get him for 1 year, $15M?
  12. Capital_Dave

    Angels Acquire Jabari Blash

    Oh man, we traded away PTBNL? I had just bought his jersey! Goddammit.
  13. Capital_Dave

    Go on record. Predict Ohtani numbers for 2018.

    10-4 2.65 era, 160K in 150IP .274/.320/.410 with just 8 HR. The Angels will be in contention at mid-season and deal for a big bat, who will take PA away from Ohtani in the second half, which he'll be OK with. He'll have a key hit in the postseason though and will start Game 1 in the ALDS.
  14. Capital_Dave

    If you had to pick a team...

    It worked for the Eagles so let's stay in the same city and #FlyPhilliesFly No, seriously. I actually cannot believe they are 80-1. They've got a new young leader at 1B who knows how to win a World Series in Carlos Santana. They have a true #1 starter in Aaron Nola. A ton of young exciting players like Cesar Hernandez, Nick Williams, Rhys Hoskins, Vince Velasquez. And a shit-ton of prospects in their top-five minor league talent pool that they can deal at the trade deadline if they are hanging out near the top of the division come July. Once you get in the playoffs, it's a crapshoot and comes down to whoever gets hot. Can the Phillies make the playoffs? Probably not. But if not now, soon...
  15. Capital_Dave

    One former Halo missing from Halos HOF

    Wow, I had totally missed that news story. What a shame.