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  1. Probably a bruised ego.
  2. We seem to be able to do one thing well at least.
  3. Now you know what it's like to be a Mariner fan.
  4. Facing the Astros and Indians rotations is no fun.
  5. Nah. He's not very good. 6Ks is too much. I haven't been impressed by him at all.
  6. Doesn't work when there isn't at least a force at 3B or bases loaded.
  7. To be fair. You'll probably still win. Our bullpen, as you have seen sucks, and we have no closer. Our best two pitchers Brennan and Swarzak have been used already.
  8. Ender

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    I mean I said we'd suck eventually. The pitchers we've faced these last 6 games have been really unfun.
  9. Ender

    Game of Thrones

    I guess the final 4 episodes are all about 80 minutes long. Winterfell – 54 mins Episode two – 58 mins Episode three – 82 minutes Episode four – 78 minutes Episode five – 79 minutes Episode six – 79 minutes
  10. Ender

    Game of Thrones

  11. Ender

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    Finally beat Sekiro the other day. 32 hours in total. Love me some FROM Software games.
  12. Ender

    Game of Thrones

    Glad it's back but I was a little let down it was only 53 minutes long. Episode went as I figured, mostly a reunion episode. I'm so tired of Euron Greyjoy and Cersei shit though already. I think Jon doesn't know how to react knowing that he banged someone / loves someone who he is related to. I feel that is weighing on him more than being the rightful king. I don't think he cares about being king. We'll see in the next episodes. Only 5 left!!!!
  13. Ender

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Leblanc! Get your mediocre lefties right! And Paxton was always kind of a head case. And oft injured. He'll figure it out though and his numbers will be a bit better I imagine by the end of the season.
  14. Ender

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    They are the best team in the AL.
  15. Ender

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    You should worry about the Astros much more than the Mariners!