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  1. you're making me angry all over again.
  2. For me it wasn't his follow through, but his draft strategy. The high floor thing was a killer. To his defense, he just wasn't allowed to totally enact his true vision which ended up working in our favor. He was a locust. He's just too focused on the major league club. Major league teams can't live year to year.
  3. Dochalo

    How has Eppler performed so far?

    I started out at 7 then changed it to an 8 once I started thinking about it. Day -1: one of the worst farm systems in baseball history that included 1 legit prospect. Plus a couple of others that were recently drafted before he got there. Absolutely no money to spend at the major league level. Almost no international presence. So he was essentially tasked with rebuilding the team while attempting to keep them competitive enough to grab a WC spot should things go right. Yes, he's made some missteps with his available resources in Valbuena, Espinosa and Cozart (so far). But if all those players work out, do the halos make the playoffs? Certainly not in 2016 or 2018. Maybe a slightly better chance in 2017 if Valbuena and Espinosa are better. But considering the pitching injuries sustained, likely not as well. Yet in the meantime, he's done an excellent job of rebuilding the farm while using minimal prospect currency to supplement the major league club. The only real player of value he's given up is Newcomb and it was to acquire Simmons who's actually increased his value since being here. There's an outside chance that Elvin Rodriguez (Upton trade) and Wilkel Hernandez (Kinsler trade) become useful major leaguers. Rodriguez in particular. Going from one of the worst farms in baseball history to at least top half and likely top 10 in three years with minimal outlay otherwise to supplement the major league club is incredible. On top of that there has been almost zero supplementation from the farm to the major league club from the left overs during the Dipoto era. It's Barria and Fletcher at the major league level and Ward, Jones, and Suarez as the only prospects with a real chance in our top 30+. Guys in the top 30 with an outside chance to contribute are Hermosillo, Leo Rivas, Luis Pena, Jake Jewell, Joe Gatto, and Hector Yan. Oh and we got Ohtani almost specifically because of Eppler. My only mild concern is the mixed track record in the evaluation of major league players and the ones he missed on have something in common. The value of 'positional versatility'. Guys he's tried to shove into different positions from where they normally play or guys who can play multiple positions. Everyone else has worked out at least decently and the reason why the team hasn't been better is because of injury or a lack of resources. Or Eppler's unwillingness to use some of his resources. Yet. I'll move him to a 9 pretty quickly if he extends Trout regardless of the size of the contract. What would get him to a 10? If he's able to get us into a second wild card without tapping into our top 20 prospects to do so or crippling the long term budget. I'm not going to overly emphasis the importance of this off season outside of locking up Trout because I think there'd be a fair amount to do to make us a legitimate contender to win the division.
  4. Dochalo

    Decision on Next Manager

    you must be devastated.
  5. On a scale of 1-10, let's see what you think and why?
  6. I was a Dipoto disciple early on. At the time he was hired, we were coming off of Reagins who was clearly swimming with sharks. Jerry came in with his easy words and said all the right things. His first order of business was to fire Hatcher which I agreed with. Then came super signing day with Pujols, Wilson etc. I also thought the Iannetta acquisition was solid not realizing what he intended to do with the farm system. Then he added Greinke and I started to scratch my head a bit. Then came Blanton. Then Hamilton which seemed like an a move Arte really pushed for (which I still believe was true). Then Hanson. Then the Freese deal which I thought was dumb. But I liked the Trumbo deal. It prior to 2014 when I also started to notice the farm system decimation and that every last resource was going to the mlb club. Then we added Street and Pestano. I hated our draft strategy from probably about 2013 when I realized that none of the players drafted in the previous two seasons were amounting to jack squat. But then we rocked a 98 win season which hides a lot of deficiencies. I didn't really understand the true carnage until 2015 and I even defended him walking out to some degree in that I felt Arte was as much at fault for creating an atypical dynamic as it relates to GM/Manager. Only a short time after he quit did I really start to look at his body of work and add up what he'd done. So I was a little late the party in that regard. I feel like I'm a little more guarded and objective about Eppler at this point.
  7. Dochalo

    Why not Gio Gonzalez?

    how do you have so much confidence in Barria, Suarez, Sandoval, Soriano, Rodriguez, and Hernandez to produce and 'amazing' pitching staff Along with Canning, Skaggs and Heaney yet you don't think Adell, Marsh, Rengifo, Jones, Fletcher, Ward, Thaiss, Adams, Maitan, Jackson, Knowles, and Deveaux aren't enough to create an amazing offense? I actually don't see a #1 starter in that entire group. Outside chance for Canning, Rodriguez and Soriano. We haven't even seen Hernandez yet. I am going to work under the assumption that Trout is staying until he's gone. Even the 2019 offense will finish in the top 7 (by fWAR). I agree that the pen will be solid next year. It will be the rotation that makes or breaks this team for the next 3 years.
  8. that would actually be sweet. built it in the middle of the ocean.
  9. Dochalo

    Outside of the Box

    we may not be able to pry Berrios away, but I could see us adding someone like Gibson or Odorizzi. Neither make it move, but after a couple of FA signs, it could make someone expendable in trade. Berrios would cost Canning for sure. Twins pitching prospects aren't as strong as their position players. Rebuilding teams don't usually trade their best young pitcher with 4yrs of control. We'd have to blow them away. We're not there yet.
  10. is it over yet? while we weren't ready to call it, we dropped over 10 games back in june. Then it was 16 by the end of july. been starving for something positive for months.
  11. agree. we've overpaid for this a couple times now and also overpaid for guys we think can switch positions yet still have as much defensive value yet it hasn't worked.
  12. Dochalo

    Trouble in Doggy Land? (Kershaw)

    Fun with numbers. era above 4.0 in the playoffs for his career.
  13. Dude. Are you claiming to be Pat Healy?
  14. sorry dude. you teed it up just perfectly.