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  1. Dochalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I actually emailed them about it and got the following response: I'm not going to argue that all of the fielding metrics don't have blind spots. (Take a look at how DRS treats Rockies outfielders, e.g.) I would submit that FRAA, DRS, and UZR all get things right a lot more than they get it wrong, so I'm good with accepting what they have in aggregate, if not necessarily in every individual case.
  2. Dochalo

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    if she sees a game on the TV, she asks if I'm watching 'the sports'.
  3. Dochalo

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    if I said that to my wife she'd say 'who's what reminds you of who?'
  4. Dochalo

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    Peters delivery/mechanics remind me of CJ Wilson.
  5. Dochalo

    GAME DAY THREAD!!!!! (ST - 2/23/2019)

    I think Trout will be in CF till someone like Adams, Knowles or Deveaux are ready.
  6. Dochalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    yep. they had him well below avg.
  7. Dochalo

    2019: How it all went right

    the regular season stuff isn't totally out of line. the playoff stuff is a fun story. I don't think all of that stuff needs to happen for us to win 95 games.
  8. on bWAR. on fWAR it's -1.4 over the last three years and -2.1 over the last two. It's crazy that we have the best player in baseball and possibly the worst.
  9. Dochalo

    2018 Hot Stove League

    It'll give the Twins about a win. maybe. BP also has the halos as the worst defensive team in baseball and ranks Simmons as a below avg. defender when every other metric has him as the best in baseball and the eye test supports that. I'm not going to get overly hung up on a difference of 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 wins between teams on various projection systems.
  10. He was a big key to why the lineup underachieved last year. If he can get back to the .340 obp with decent power and very good defense, he's still a good pick for lead off vs. RHers. He should platoon though.