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  1. Pujols has been terrible

    I understand that tonight wasn't totally his fault. But damn. It's the end of August and he's rockin' a 73 wRC+. A .230 avg. A ,277 obp. A .377 slg. That's the lowest ops of any of the teams regulars unless you count Cliff Pennington. He's got the 8th lowest ops in all of baseball for those qualified. I guess it's not a matter of who could take his spot right now, but you have to find someone to take at bats from him for next year.
  2. Pujols has been terrible

  3. so you PH revere vs. a tough lefty when Cowart is a switch hitter. OK.
  4. Marte's last at bat was August 15th.
  5. 1.5gb. This feels like one of those games where we couldn't make good on an early opportunity and Hamels is gonna cruise through 7.
  6. Grandy hitting slams for the doyyers.
  7. Is it time to add?

    but you understand that right now we are within 7 mil of the CBT threshold and going over by a couple mil to trigger the tax and increasing year to year penalties is not something Arte is going to do. I agree they should be aggressive in acquiring some talent this off season (or even now if possible) that isn't a rental. I think they will in the winter but not right now. My guess is that Arte will approve adding to within about 10mil of the threshold. Relative to the tax threshold, we're going to have about 30-40 mil to spend this off season. We have a lot of needs to fill for that amount.
  8. Is Mike Trout winning MVP again?

    Hi Jeff. Welcome to AW.
  9. Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    his pen management has been a little questionable imo. but I can defend a lot of it in my own mind. I am just glad we pulled it out today. my major concern is cliff pennington being in the lineup. He's just bad at baseball.
  10. Is it time to add?

    that's a bit dramatic don't you think flop? Are you saying that if they don't get Verlander right now we are completely throwing about the rest of Trout's contract? He's got 3 more years. Verlander is 34 and owed 60 mil for his age 35 and 36 yo seasons. He's also starting to show his age a bit. I think is Arte were willing to take on any more money this year, he'd have done it by now. There is the possibility, however, that the prorated salary of Verlander for this year needs a little more time to drop below a level that would put us over the CBT threshold. We are currently only about 7 mil below. I believe that Arte will stay generous yet disciplined. We'll spend close to the threshold for 2018/19/20. I could see us going over a bit in 2020/21 but we may still not. But I agree with Robert in that I can think of better ways to spend 30mil per for the next two years. Personally, I'd rather make the long term commitment on Stanton. But I don't want them to panic and make a desperation move for a shot at playing one more game this year and have it result in huge restrictions for the next two years.
  11. Unleash the Herm?

    I like Herm as an early or mid season option next year. Maybe he has a great spring and makes the team outright. Right now, we would need him to perform consistently and like most prospects he's struggled upon initial call up to whatever the next level has been. We can't afford that. It's also not fair to him that is he goes 1/12 and rides the pine or gets sent down. I just don't see it happening yet.
  12. Is Mike Trout winning MVP again?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that (up until last year anyway) the writers were looking for reasons to vote for someone else besides Trout because he didn't put up gaudy offensive numbers in any particular category or because the team wasn't doing well. But I think 2016 made him the default. They might still give it to Altuve but I think it's Trout's to lose and if they continue to vie for the WC slot, he'll get it even if we don't make it.
  13. Salas is back

    his last season with the halos was better than the one he's having this year. awesome prediction - he's a september call up and pitches in a few high leverage situations.
  14. good thread and responses so far. Instead of quoting various posts I figured I would try to encompass several in my post I think the Lester example of grabbing that last piece to make a team good is a poor one. The cubs were coming off a 73 win season when they signed him. They were pure potential and uncertainty. They signed him as a statement in anticipation of having a rotation anchor that would allow them to perhaps get to .500 or perhaps slightly better. They literally rebuilt their entire lineup outside of Rizzo over the next year and a half. A huge component of which came from their stellar farm. My point in bringing this up is that the Lester move made sense for the cubs at the time, but there was zero sentiment that they were one player away. Sometimes shit just clicks. Second, farms system turning around overnight because of a couple high draft picks are a thing of the past. You know why? Because it was never the high draft picks that turned the systems around. Yes, it helped, but it was more about selling off valuable parts like what the white sox have done AND it was making big splashes in the international market. Several teams took advantage of the uneven playing field. The cubs were one of them. That option just isn't available anymore. The international market has been evened out. So the only way to truly build a farm in short order is the fire sale. And then you are 3-5 years away from being a contender assuming you made good choices. We all know that this will not be an option for the halos any time soon. Third, do we really have that many holes to fill? What team has an above average player at every position? The achilles heel of the halos the last couple of years have been injuries to their pitching staff. Ask yourself what a healthy staff, Upton in LF and Todd Walker at 2b would have done for this team? Sorry, but that's not only a playoff team but we'd be competing for a division title. At the end of the day, Eppler has to figure out what his assumptions are. Does he assume recovery of Richards, Shoe, Heaney, Skaggs, Trop, Meyer? Does he assume progression or regression of JC Ramirez, Parker Bridwell, Key Middleton, Cam Bedrosian? Does he assume rebounds from Calhoun, Valbuena, Cron, Pujols? Does he assume contributions from the farm starting next year? From guys like Long, Barria, Hermosillo, Thaiss, Ward, Lund, Fletcher? There is a lot of risk management there. I think Eppler sees a ton of potential. I think he sees a green light to spend up to the CBT threshold. I think he'll look for another Simmons type deal to fill 2b or LF and LF has much greater opportunity. Like a Yelich or Ozuna. I think it's going to cost a lot and we aren't going to be thrilled about what we're giving up. I just hope it's not Jones because he's going to be an all star. But if we can get Yelich or Ozuna for Thaiss, Long, and a couple others, I would be thrilled. He's also going to bring back Pettit and add a couple other pen parts. I am also predicting a Josh Harrison trade. If he can't get the young OFer he wants, he might sign Upton (who will absolutely opt out btw) and that won't be a bad move. Because we are a middle of the lineup bat away from beating Houston next year. Their lack of deadline moves crushed that team's spirit and they are going to lose the heart and soul of that team when Altuve becomes a FA. The Angels aren't a couple years away. They are good luck from being a division winner and bad luck from needing to rebuild. I am not saying they should trade the farm to mortgage the future but they should spend money this off season to fill LF and maybe 2b.