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  1. Dochalo

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    So that leaves us with about another 75k to spend over the 125k per. My guess is that's going to Nunan.
  2. personally think the Halos are trying to weather the storm of recent temporary injuries ie get Richards and Skaggs back healthy and find out about ohtani's status as well as trop. If we only get two of those guys back in short order, we'll see canning get the call. If we get three, we'll still probably try to use Lamb and/or Pena and keep Canning down. I don't know what a guy with a 1.54 era needs from the minors at the point personally except for him to ramp up his ability to pitch more innings. Which is a big deal to the halos I presume as they don't want to waste a pre arb year to get 50-60 innings out of him. but he would make the team better right now because it allow you to shift pena or lamb to the pen and then the other one when Richards or Trop comes back.
  3. Dochalo

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    that's good news we signed him, but that pretty much decimates the rest of the pool. gonna be tough to sign anyone else like criswell or campbell. Almost zero chance of getting Champlain now.
  4. Dochalo

    Currently on the DL...

    Nice synopsis and thanks for doing that. I am curious how they would handle Ohtani if he opts for surgery. Could he DH for the rest of the season, have the surgery in Nov and be ready to hit again by spring? Rehabbing his arm as he continues to DH for the Halos during the 2019 season. Then start pitching again in 2020?
  5. Dochalo

    Totally different team when...

    having career avg Calhoun and Valbuena finding his power stroke makes this lineup much more palatable.
  6. 1 for 26. 16 for 106.
  7. 300 mil though. .708 ops in his last 267 PA. 13hr, 32 rbi. Pujols .718 ops in his last 265 PA. 11hr, 37 rbi.
  8. we should have kept Cron. He's been red hot.
  9. Dochalo

    Does Kole Calhoun get sent down to AAA?

    I'm amazed that he's had not ill effect from his oblique injury.
  10. that's not me. I'm Jed from ourkansas. I'm the one posting pics of my gun rack and food pron of shakees pizza.
  11. how do you know I'm not following you under a different name? canning need to get called up now. He's better than Cam, Lamb, Morris, Paredes, Pena, Ramirez. Maybe Barria, Anderson and Parker as well. (probably not Parker). Skaggs and Heaney are the only two that are better for sure. this team needs pen help. Pena and Lamb would likely help with that if the Halos gave Canning and Suarez some starts.
  12. have watch about half his starts. I don't think they're pushing him as much as noticing his focus and want to limit his boredom. Him vs. AA hitters was like watching Scherzer or Verlander. Even when he wasn't totally on, he was still very good. He's not either of those guys (not likely anyway) but you could clearly see the level of competition just wasn't there. He gave up 27 hits in 45.2ip at AA with 9 of those coming in one start where he gave up 4 of his ten earned runs. It was his second to last AA start. They let him make one more after that where he went 5.2ip, 2h, 1bb, 6k. He had a 6 start stretch where his era was 0.32 with 7h in 28ip. What that tells me is his worst start was likely a lack of focus.
  13. necessity is the mother of invention history teacher.
  14. maybe. I think they'll limit him to about 120 though. It wouldn't bother me at all if they let him make the next start in place of Lamb and put the big lefty in the pen.