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  1. Upton is a free agent. People need to wrap their heads around that. Just assume that his current contract doesn't exist. The only advantage for the Halos is that we have an exclusive window to sign him first. The Halos current payroll is about 135 mil for 2018 when you include arb, guarantees, and league min guys. Add about 15 mil for benefits and subtract a few mil for AAV it gives you about 145 mil. The CBT threshold is $197 mil for 2018. They aren't going to spend all the way to it during the off season. Probably leave about 15mil in reserve. So that's about 35 to 40 mil in max spending. Adding any one of Martinez, Hosmer or Upton is going to bring on about 25 mil AAV. Leaving the team with another 15 mil or so to spend. MAX. To think that they'll sign two of these guys is a pipe dream. Here's another thing to keep in mind. The only guys of significant money coming off the books after 2018 are Valbuena and Richards. To the tune of about 15 mil. Plus a 10 mil bump in the CBT threshold for 2019. Gives another 25mil but....There are a slew of guys hitting arb for 2019 so that entire amount is nearly offset. So if Arte is going to stay below the CBT (as he always does) then signing one FA this year pretty much takes the team out of the mix for any player of consequence in 2019. It's not a given they blow their entire load this year.
  2. you're being obtuse. is it deliberate?
  3. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    I bet it'll be Kevin Long.
  4. Wanted: Angels hitting coach
  5. Kind of a pussy

    two words in this thread that don't normally go together. dusty pussy
  6. Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2018

    Cam is a lock to stay. I would extend Richards on the cheap if he'd take it. like 4/30. young and wood won't return at those prices. they forgot Jose Alvarez. He'll be in the 1m range and likely a non-tender candidate. prob about 25-30 mil overall. assuming they don't exercise the Street or Nolasco options, they are at around 150mil. If Upton opts out, it's closer to 125m. Let's say they're going to spend 20+ mil on a player unless Upton stays. So they've got about 30mil. I've got an odd feeling that Calhoun is gonna get traded.
  7. Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2018

    Cron had an .850 ops when he stopped getting platooned. for every stretch he suck, he carries the team for a week. ex - jul 9 - sept 8. .986 ops sept 9th - Oct 1. .522 ops Would I sign Hosmer and trade Cron? Sure. Is he worth his arb number? Absolutely.
  8. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    Don't really understand the pujols/stanton comps. Stanton is likely to age way better. Pujols decline is unprecedented for an inner circle HOFer. Is there risk for Giancarlo as well? Sure. But I would take my chances. That mentioned, I am not sure I'd like the halos to pay the price in prospects. Agree that Machado isn't getting $300 mil. At least not anymore after his mediocre 2017. The FA class after the 2018 season is amazing but I can't help think that there will be several really good players not getting the bounty they expect. Of course the big boys will have money but there can only be so much to go around.
  9. Elvin Rodriguez was voted the pioneer league pitcher of the year.
  10. Aaron Judge???

    a few notable playoff appearances: Babe Ruth 1922 - 2/17 1rbi, 1CS. .426 ops Barry Bonds 1990 - 3/18. .542 ops. 1991 - 4/27. .392 ops (his first two playoff appearances) Mickey Mantle 1961 - .333 ops, 1962 - .401 ops, 1963 - .521 ops. Willie Mays - had a career .660 ops in 25 playoff games. Ty Cobb - .668 ops in 17 career playoff games Ted Williams only playoff appearance - 5/30 with 1 rbi and a .533 ops. It's funny, but I don't remember hearing about most of these performances.
  11. Hansen will not return

    not sure. Hitting coach works with guys off the tee and in the cage constantly. I am sure he has some influence.
  12. AW Milestone Reached

  13. Hansen will not return

    Where the Halos offense ranked in several categories (AL only): SB - 1 (by 23). second in CS. Avg - 14th GDP - 3rd BB% - 9th K% - 11th OBP - 11th SLG - 15th ISO - 14th BABIP - 14th wRC+ - 12th Soft hit% - 4th Hard hit% - 12th Pull% - 2nd GB% - 2nd LD% - 15th Out of zone swing % - 6th best swinging strike% - 7th best wFB/c (linear weights of pitch for a team meaning number of runs scored per 100 of those pitches. FB is fastball) - 15th ie dead last. wCL/c - 13th FB% - 1st A few things stand out: - They didn't walk a ton or K a ton but neither was far from the middle of the pack. - they pulled a ton of ground balls (easy outs) - lowest LD rate, and worst slg%, and the worst in the majors at hitting a fastball. Something teams figured out in that they saw the highest % of fastballs. - makes sense when you are near tops in the league in soft hit grounders and you pull everything, you are going to have a low BABIP. Looking at these numbers it makes a lot more sense why the hitting coach got fired. While we had quite a few bad hitters, doing poorly vs. the fastball as an entire team tells me that it's more than talent, but approach and philosophy as well. It also tells me they were sacrificing authority for contact. Another approach/philosophy problem. Here's an interesting correlation. The top 5 offenses are ranked in the top 5 for that wFB/C stat I mentioned. Meaning, they all did very well hitting the fastball. Not saying that's causative, but it might be.
  14. Terry Collins resigns

    Terry Collins is a terrible manager.