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  1. Dochalo


    you can't steal first.
  2. same weekend as Rochelle, Rochelle.
  3. it was the prequel to 'prognosis negative'
  4. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    not saying it would be if they brought him up. I agree it could make the lineup better. Anything is better than Cozart. That sort of thing rarely happens across all of MLB though where a veteran is ousted for a young player after 19 games. It's an internal perception thing.
  5. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    even as bad as it's been, we're 4.5 games back and 3.0 games out of the wild card. At this point, if you are going to make a chance, you have to be convinced that it makes the team better right now. It will likely play out that we're not in a pennant race, but they need more time before the white flag is raised. I agree he looked better last year for some reason but they are probably working on some things with him that could potentially make him very good and not just serviceable.
  6. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    as much as we were all rubbing our rabbits foot in the hope that Ward was the next Josh Donaldson, I think we all knew it was completely unrealistic. He's 25 with about 130 games at 3b in his professional career. He can certainly get better. The one thing that's most noticeable about his defense is poor footwork and hand position that comes with repetition. He's got the reflexes and arm. He's likely that guy who puts some solid seasons together at age 28-30 as an avg to slightly above hitter with solid defense.
  7. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    they aren't going to throw in the towel on the season or Cozart's 25m owed as much as we'd like them to. More the latter at this point. It will be interesting to see what they consider more important short term. Giving Ward major league reps at the dish or giving him minor league reps in the field.
  8. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    I think that's the route they'll go with him ultimately. Robb Quinlan v. 2.0. Throw some 1b in there and he gets in there vs. lefties
  9. btw, that really sucked last night. ugh.
  10. if we had gone into a full tank like many other teams, we'd be seeing guys like Thaiss, Rengifo, Ward, Canning, maybe Rojas, and a few others already.
  11. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    he also runs well and I think he could manage to pick up a corner OF spot decently enough.
  12. Dochalo

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Bour at 3b. Ohtani in LF but throwing LHed.
  13. Dochalo

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    Kole vs. RHers for the season .240/.321/.480/.801 with a 115 ops+ Ward hits lefties well and has a strong arm. Start playing him in RF.
  14. I don't really see a 40 man slot right now unless they put upton on the 60.
  15. Franklin Torres continues to perform well. Probably a future util inf with sleeper potential to be better.