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  1. Improving the Six-Man Rotation

    I don't think the halos go to a true 6 man rotation. You never know how health plays into it, but the base will be Ohtani, Richards, Skaggs, Heaney and Shoe. I think Bridwell and Ramirez will be 'pen' guys but remain stretched out to provide the occasional spot start when we've got a lot of games packed in a short period. Point is, it's going to be a lot more dynamic and less fixed than one might think. In the end, I don't think we'll skip the #5 when we have off days. we have 12 days off before the ASB during 109 days. Giving us 97 games in 109 days. If each of our starters went every 6 days out of 108, that would be 18 starts. So in 109 days, that would be 5 starters pitched 90 games and the 6/7th guys pitched 8 games. Meaning we would need a 6th starter ever 13th or 14th day. So if Bridwell and Ramirez stay stretched out to some degree, that's about 8 starts in the first half of the year they'd need to make. 4 each. vs. 18 being made by the top 5 guys.
  2. Are we now a pitcher away from being one of the elite teams in the league? Is that pitcher Chris Archer? Jacob deGrom? Darvish? Arrieta? Michael Fulmer? Gerrit Cole? Marcus Stroman? Aaron Nola? How about the next tier down? Lance Lynn? Kevin Gausman? Alex Cobb? Julio Teheran? Danny Duffy? The free agents are obvious. You just pay to play. But the elite arms are on the wrong side of 30. So what would it take to get a top tier club controlled pitcher entering their prime? and would you do it? What about Skaggs, Jones, Barria and Cron for Archer? How about Barria, Jones, Thaiss, Maitan and Ward for Fulmer? In the end we might be better off signing Lance Lynn. Does 5/100 get it done? I think I would give up 3 of our top 5 for Stroman or deGrom though. Would you? How about Skaggs, Barria, Calhoun, and Adell for Stroman? Or do we just stay the course and see what we've got until the deadline?
  3. Agree. Mentioned in the other thread that if an OFer gets hurt and is going to be out for awhile, I think the'd consider Hermosillo. but not as the 4th Ofer.
  4. 4th OF?

    There is also Jon Jay and Curtis Granderson. Or they could bring back Eric Young Jr.
  5. 4th OF?

    You can't put Hermosillo in there as the 4th OFer. It will kill his value. He's going to play everyday at AAA and have a great season. If someone gets injured and is going to be out for awhile, he becomes an option. Otherwise, they don't start his clock. Marte is as good as gone. Cron has a little more value than people are giving him credit for. Not a ton mind you, but he's controlled for three more years and has an ops+ of 108 for his career. He's primed for a breakout frankly. All the free agent options are going to cost a lot more and don't have 3 years of control for what will amount to 15mil. 3 years of a free agent will cost at least double that. Hoying is probably the solution as the 4th OFer. LHed with some pop. Another internal choice is Bo Way. Neither is very good at baseball. a couple minor league FA options: John Andreoli - cubs AAA in 2017. Plays CF. very fast with some pop. entering age 28. RHed Darrell Ceciliani - Jays in 2017. some CF. Victor Cruzado - Mets AAA CFer. entering 26yo season. Some speed. .760ops career in the minors. Slade Heathcott - SFG AA/AAA Cfer. entering age 27. .740 ops in the minors. Destin Hood - MIA AAA OFer. Some CF. Mostly corner. Age 28. Cesar Puello - remember him? He can play CF. Herlis Rodriguez - only 24. Some time in AAA last year. Mostly a corner guy. Steve Selsky - Age 28. Bad year for BOS AAA but .809 ops in the minors overall and .822 for CIN in 2016. CF and corners. Can also play 1b. RHed. Travis Taijeron - Age 29. limited CF action. .887 minor league ops. just a little light browsing for some.
  6. Lineup balance problem?

    between Calhoun getting his normal full season and valbuena as well as ohtani likely getting at least another full seasons worth of PA between the two of them, I'm not worried. Some of the better pitchers in our division are LHed. Hamels, Paxton, Keuchel. Cron is still on the team and hits rhers better.
  7. Can Angels win World Series?

    I agree with Strad. Pitching health concerns me. But we have to be more than 5 wins better than last year right? We got 300 innings from Nolasco and Chavez to the tune of an era above 5.00. If that alone get's replaced by 150 innings by both Ohtani and Richards then that's a huge step. I think we could use a guy like Trevor Cahill. I really really really don't want them to commit 9 figures to a guy entering their 30+yo seasons like Darvish or Arrieta. Again, I could see Eppler waiting this out a bit now on the SP side. Chatwood was the guy imo. But Cahill could be a total sleeper. And spend the 12mil per for 3 years on a closer. You'll get at least two good years out of that. Pitching stays healthy enough for Ohtani, Richards, Heaney, Skaggs, Shoe to each make 25 starts with the 35ish from a combo of Trop, Bridwell, Ramirez, Barria, we become a top 12 rotation imo. Starters last year had a 5.5 WAR. Top 12 had about 12 WAR. Not counting the additions of Cozart or Kinsler (or Ohtani's bat), that's 6.5 wins. Everyone get their idols and voodoo dolls and rabbit's feet out. We need pitching health. The other thing to keep in mind is that we had a top 5 bullpen last year. Eppler is good but I bet that was an over achievement even by his expectations. That's going to regress a shade unless we add a legit closer and another legit pen arm. Other interesting options besides Cahill. Lackey, Brett Anderson, Jaime Garcia, Chacin, and of course the obvious in Reed, Davis or Holland. For the last bench spot - how about Dyson, Howie, Jon Jay, or Granderson?
  8. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    BTW, this is a bailout for the dogs. Although they lose depth for their SP, they can now flip kemp and eat about 10m of next years AAV. Then they can sign Darvish. Atlanta wins too though as mentioned. They drop 50m in payroll after this year and 22m for next year with cash net neutral. Smart with next years FA class. The problem is that they have a cloud of uncertainty around them with the recent sanctions so it remains to be seen if free agents will think of it as an attractive destination. Even Agon wins. He can go grab a platoon spot with a contender like Boston or Colorado for league min.
  9. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    when was Matt Kemp ever Albert Pujols. Not that I want Albert in the lineup, but Albert garners a modicum of respect.
  10. Nice!! I think sometimes we forget that these are literally children we are signing.
  11. I think we've got that guy on our roster already and he's actually better defensively than Solarte or Nunez at both 2b and 3b. He can play SS in a pinch as the third backup. He's even gotten some reps in the OF (albeit rare) and at 1b. He's got 1 option year left. He's a switch hitter and he still only 25 (entering his age 26 season). He's had a wRC+ of 136, 109, and 126 at AAA the last three years with over 1000 plate appearances. He actually held his own at the major league level. He's got very good speed and knows how to walk. At this point, I think 'that guy' gets maybe 200-250 plate appearances. Is spending money or prospects on what isn't much of an upgrade if at all really something that's necessary? I personally think we're done on the position player side of things. Still worried about SP depth and reliability. That why I felt like chatwood was a nice target. I'm intrigued by the Sabathia idea and I think you could throw Lackey into that mix as well.
  12. maybe and I'd love to see it, but his fastball seems oddly hittable for it being near triple digits.
  13. yeah. I don't see Britton making sense at all unless it's on the cheap and I don't know why Bmore wouldn't just recoup his value and then move him at the deadline. Unless of course they know his arm is toast. So big time buyer beware with him. I like the idea if getting a legit closer. Davis, Holland or Reed would work. Still not sure Eppler is done finding minor league free agents or waiver pick ups as of yet though.
  14. Next Move?

    The lineup is solid. The pitching staff is solid. While there are some tweaks that could be made like a legit closer or another mid to low range starter, the next step is the true next step. When is it time to go to the next level? So far, we managed to significantly improve the team without only minimal prospect outlay. Personally, I would say to stay on the current path which is incremental improvement over the next couple years. But there could be an argument for going all in at this point and moving some of our top end prospects for a top end starter.