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  1. Dochalo

    The next big Sensation....

    A lot of potential risk depending on the price tag. But worth looking at.
  2. Dochalo

    Taylor Chases The Yankee Clipper!

    Wow. So close.
  3. My pants are tight. Chicken pot pie.
  4. now betts gets extra credit for being small? ffs
  5. Dochalo

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    it's not an argument. it's just my opinion. I literally don't care about his view. the game doesn't hold down talented players. The current state may elevate different players than it used to but that will change over time as it always has. stats have been a big part of baseball. keeping score was a thing back in the day. tracking performance has occurred from day 1. It's why we have data back to the late 1800's. People have gotten better at analyzing that data. Not sure why people think that what it is now is how it's always going to be. It's going to be adaptive.
  6. Dochalo

    Super nerds are killing baseball

    yah. I remember when people were stupid too. the current game isn't what it will be 10 year from now. 5 yrs from now. let it evolve. some players are in the wrong place at the wrong time. it boggles my mind that Jayson Werth has a complaint. A guy with a 117 ops+ and 29 WAR who made 136 million dollars. One hundred and thirty six million dollars. I don't care if he's right. close. your. mouth. douchebag.
  7. playing tacoma - seattle affiliate. hmmm. Johnson for Tyler Higgins.
  8. although he deserves a call in sept, we've got a bunch of guys to protect on the 40 man this winter and he's not rule 5 eligible till next year so we probably won't see him till spring. cred to @Jeff Fletcher for pointing this out.
  9. right? #2 isn't exactly the king's English either.
  10. Also, Thaiss' PT at the major league level will be very much tied to Ohtani's health.
  11. an upright stance is key to getting your balls deeply driven.
  12. Dochalo

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    I would guess they'll re-sign him but I could also see them moving Cano to DH and keeping Gordon at 2b.
  13. Dochalo

    Seattle fires 10 scouts

    they haven't traded Kyle Lewis because he's 23 and in his first small sample of AA he's got a sub .500 ops after putting up a .730 ops in high A. they were suspiciously quiet at the deadline because they have no money and no prospects.