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  1. Glad that Marsh is extra motivated, but how do you call someone's bluff if they fold?
  2. I'm one who's made that assessment. He hits the snot out of the ball. How about a Marcell Ozuna comp? or McCutchen? Those are obviously top level guys that he's unlikely to become, but the bat speed is impressive. It's gonna come down to contact. Can he make enough of it. Lots of time to find out.
  3. Dochalo

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    et tu, Justin?
  4. Dochalo

    The quest for .500

    I don't remember predicting they'd be good in 2019. I remember stating that they'd have a shot if a few things went right. Those things had a lot to do with the pitching holding their own which hasn't happened. I was most concerned about the rotation and felt good about the offense and pen. Right now, I am fine with the rotation as long as Harvey and Cahill don't return to it. The pen is my biggest concern right now. They are overworked and lack depth. I am not sure where those extra 1 or 2 arms are going to come from at this point.
  5. I don't know. That Jerry D is kinda purdy.
  6. you just force tdawg into a 'preoccupied' state.
  7. Jackson with another hr. Grand slam oppo again. Deveaux had 3 hits (two doubles) in his debut tonight.
  8. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    to me that usually means they're waiting to see what's left. I can't imagine Stallings, Peek, or Daniel (5, 6, 7) going for anything less than slot.
  9. Dochalo

    The quest for .500

    it's a good question. to me it means that we gone 27-21 since we started 9-16. Pretty much from the point where we added Canning to the rotation. In the meantime, we've pitched Allen, got Heaney, and now we've got Upton. We're also close to getting a 5 win SS back. A rotation of Heaney, Skaggs, Canning, Suarez and Pena is mind blowing but it's solid. The biggest question right now is the bullpen. They need a break or maybe some new blood. We need a healthy Middleton back sooner than later. Noe has been good in the right role. Ausmus has done a solid job of that. They've got to move on from Garcia. Get Key back. Even still, they are one short from making a run. The rotation is still making that one bad pitch. I should post this in the unpopular opinion thread, but I still think Lucroy has a lot to do with that. He's a terrible pitch caller. I'm probably a bit off base because my view is likely anecdotal. Like today, I actually said to myself, don't throw a fastball. Fastball was called and boom. HR. Home runs are killing this staff. To me, that's not an accident. It's being aware of what certain guys are capable of in certain counts.
  10. you posted there? I don't even know who you are anymore.
  11. if you base your opinion on a single outlier then best of luck. Do you always live in extremes? He'll probably be a very good player. Good chance he's a star. Slim chance he's a bust. Real chance of being a superstar.
  12. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    the upside of this draft has left me underwhelmed which means we'll likely end up with a couple of superstars. I don't dislike it because who the f**k knows. I have to remind myself that I thought Nonie Williams was going to be a star.
  13. btw, comparing Jo Adell to Brandon Wood is like Comparing him to Mike Trout.