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  1. All but #3 could happen. I think Upton is going to walk a lot with Albert behind him.
  2. Blowtani

    I'm far more worried about our bullpen. Ohtani may struggle a bit, but the talent is there at least.
  3. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    There's no way they play the service time game with him. Wouldn't surprise me if it's in his contract that he can't be optioned without his consent. If the union would allow that anyway.
  4. you mean the next David Ortiz?
  5. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    they probably just didn't list a couple of minor league guys who will be handling the last couple innings.
  6. LAA vs. CWS 3/15/2018

    grab cobb and put JC in the pen.
  7. The last roster spot

    Is gonna go to Cowart. Walsh is terrible defensively.
  8. Something I Never thought I'd see

    BTW, back in 2015 in his first ever spring at bat, baldoquin hit a hr and everyone went nuts. including me. another BTW, Baldoquin is 9/20 in spring training for his career with 2hrs and 4 doubles.
  9. LAA vs. CWS 3/15/2018

    top 3. 4-2 CWS Carter with a hr Bridwell getting pounded.
  10. Something I Never thought I'd see

    "He's not a raw, let's-wait-and-see-how-this-turns-out projection," Dipoto said. "He looks like a major league player now. He needs a little time in the minor leagues to adjust to a new country, but he's a pretty mature kid. He has a skill set that is very well-balanced."
  11. Something I Never thought I'd see

    Off Yency Almonte mind you. Almonte was the PTBNL when Jerry acquired Gordon Beckham from the CWS. Then he was traded to COL for Tommy Kahnle He's a decent prospect actually.
  12. Gameday: 3/15 Angels vs Rockies

    yeah. and shit floats. whenever we have pen tryouts in april, it's because the pen sucks.