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  1. Dochalo

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I get the sense that they're never going to trade Trout similar to the way the nats didn't trade Harper. They're always going to hold out hope of an extension.
  2. Dochalo

    Angels sign Kevin Kelleher

    we make a bunch of these types of signings every year to fill out minor league rosters. according to his bref page, he was actually drafted by Boston in the 12th round in 2015. looks like he pitched in two games, walked 7 guys, gave up 4 runs and recorded one out. Then he hasn't pitching for major league franchise since. They probably thought this guy was gonna hurt someone.
  3. Dochalo

    Jo Adell Comps

    good. stay out of there.
  4. Madero is probably the best bet at this point considering you're putting your money alongside the Angels.
  5. Dochalo

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    the only difference between Curtiss and Buttrey is that Curtis hasn't done well in his very limited major league experience of 15 innings.
  6. Dochalo

    Hall of Fame voting

    Harold Baines getting in is a joke. If he's a hall of famer then so is Justin Upton. And he's not a hall of famer.
  7. Dochalo

    Hall of Fame voting

    to report something like that without actual proof is as much of a disservice to the profession as having proof and not saying anything. I bet the number of media members that had actual evidence of steroid use was almost zero. Then it becomes a game of he said she said where you are getting third party tales of what may have happened. I'm not sure anyone is looking to get sued for libel or put their neck on the block when they didn't have proof. Plus, all sport writers have bosses who have bosses who work for large corporations that have to approve their content. There is no way that anything would come close to going to print unless there was overwhelming proof that it happened in regard to the subject of making PED accusations. On top of that, then it becomes a matter to be handled by the authorities. There are so many layers beyond hopping on your computer and writing a story. Bonds and Clemens have been getting votes since they become eligible. What is the likelihood that a writer in Florida who has a vote would have known anything about either players particular situation? Does it make them a hypocrite for not casting a ballot for either of those two if they suspected steroid use was rampant and heard rumblings of a couple Marlins players using because they didn't out those others guys on speculation?
  8. Dochalo

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I'm not sure it's that high.
  9. Dochalo

    RIP Eli Grba

    4'11"? I thought you were taller.
  10. Dochalo

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    He's a C+ grade prospect according to Sickles btw so he was ranked somewhere in the 22-40 range on their top prospect list. Their #26 on their prospects 1500 list. #22 on the fangraphs list (40 grade). Similar grade on fangraphs to Buttrey. Ahead of him per Sickels. If we had gotten him for an expiring reliever contract at the deadline it would have had a little more appeal, but Curtiss could be a nice pickup.
  11. Dochalo

    Fletcher versus Ward

    I think Ward and Fletcher have an equal chance to make the team out of spring. Fletcher is the safe choice but I think Ward could easily win the job if he comes in showing that he's made some adjustments and is ready to be a major leaguer. That wasn't clear up his previous call up. Rengifo realistically has no shot right now.
  12. and some actual numbers payroll was 83m in 2003 and peaked at 188m in 2018 when we had a shot at the playoffs. It dipped to 176m last year because we moved some money at the deadline. That's an average annual increase of about 5.6% revenue went from 127m in 2003 to 334m in 2017 which is an annual increase of about 6.7% so payroll has increased appropriately relative to revenue when taking a cumulative price change of 33% into account from 2003 to 2017. ie, adding about 2% inflation per year which means payroll + inflation has actually been at a higher rate of increase than revenue. now, of course, the team has gone up in value from 180m that he bought it to about 1.8 bil. An average annual rate of return of about 16%. But to realize any of that, Arte would have to borrow against the equity of the franchise value and then pay it back with interest. Anyone who thinks that Arte isn't making or hasn't made a shit ton of money off the Angels would be crazy. But it's not out of proportion to any other owner in the industry. Yes, I believe he could be spending more on payroll
  13. I know exactly what you did. the fact that you think the information you're supplying is relevant to anything or even remotely logical makes my math brain hurt.
  14. seriously though. do you know how much @tdawg87 would pay for a Trout hair sweater?
  15. Dochalo

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    I keep forgetting that he could be Pujols son.