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  1. Dochalo

    The quest for .500

    it's a good question. to me it means that we gone 27-21 since we started 9-16. Pretty much from the point where we added Canning to the rotation. In the meantime, we've pitched Allen, got Heaney, and now we've got Upton. We're also close to getting a 5 win SS back. A rotation of Heaney, Skaggs, Canning, Suarez and Pena is mind blowing but it's solid. The biggest question right now is the bullpen. They need a break or maybe some new blood. We need a healthy Middleton back sooner than later. Noe has been good in the right role. Ausmus has done a solid job of that. They've got to move on from Garcia. Get Key back. Even still, they are one short from making a run. The rotation is still making that one bad pitch. I should post this in the unpopular opinion thread, but I still think Lucroy has a lot to do with that. He's a terrible pitch caller. I'm probably a bit off base because my view is likely anecdotal. Like today, I actually said to myself, don't throw a fastball. Fastball was called and boom. HR. Home runs are killing this staff. To me, that's not an accident. It's being aware of what certain guys are capable of in certain counts.
  2. you posted there? I don't even know who you are anymore.
  3. if you base your opinion on a single outlier then best of luck. Do you always live in extremes? He'll probably be a very good player. Good chance he's a star. Slim chance he's a bust. Real chance of being a superstar.
  4. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    the upside of this draft has left me underwhelmed which means we'll likely end up with a couple of superstars. I don't dislike it because who the f**k knows. I have to remind myself that I thought Nonie Williams was going to be a star.
  5. btw, comparing Jo Adell to Brandon Wood is like Comparing him to Mike Trout.
  6. you must live a miserable life.
  7. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I bet they sign one of Corlew or Crow.
  8. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    13th round.
  9. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    nice. must have missed that.
  10. Dochalo

    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    did we really need him to come in for the 8th?
  11. Dochalo

    The quest for .500

    the quest for .500 is like the quest for a nice pair of pants.
  12. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    first ten rounds. 11-40 you've got 125k per player. Anything over that counts against the pool.
  13. Dochalo

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    They were talking about him going in the late or so. A value of about 1mil or slightly more. I think they're about even or slightly over slot by about 100k for picks 1-4. They saved 150k for pick 10 and a few bucks for 8 and 9. They've still got the 350k of 5% overage available so they are likely about 400k out in front right now. I think 5, 6 and 7 might save then another 100-200k at best. Probably end up at slot. So they'd likely be 4-500k short of signing a guy like Jones. I think Coleman Crow was another unlikely.