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  1. he was a free agent 4 years ago and we've had a chance to bring him back 3 times.
  2. I just don't see the utility of paying for that extra half year when there is almost no chance of it having any sort of impact. Unless you have a chance to get that player who's got more control than just next year. Otherwise, it's effectively a 1yr rental. I'm still a little wary of making a bold move of prospects at this point for another reason. I feel like that big trade is a supplemental move to getting that big free agent pitcher. Which pitcher that ends up being helps determine how big you go or need to go on that trade. For instance, if you get Cole, then maybe you don't need to give up Marsh to get another pitcher. Or if you don't get Cole, then maybe you go after a top guy that can be extended who you'd otherwise not be able to afford. Also, we've got some prospect depth but it's either at the lower levels or it's upper level guys who don't project as potential stars. Adell is untouchable which essentially makes Marsh our only potential centerpiece. As much potential as guys like Adams, Soriano, Knowles have, they aren't headliners. So either you give up more of them or you give up Marsh, or both. Jones having such a horrible year is a major bummer because he was another potential headliner and with Fletch and Regifo ahead of him, his redundancy would have made a lot more sense in a trade. In other words, I don't think we can get a front line starter without giving up Marsh. Which could actually limit our options. Another option would be to include Suarez if another team were high enough on him.
  3. Dochalo

    Send the Guru Packing!

    something isn't working. Yes you have to blame the players for not executing but you also have to wonder what they are being asked to execute and how. I don't know enough about pitching mechanics to comment on how that's going, but most of the pitching staff has not only gotten worse than they were last year, but WAY worse. Skaggs had been a little worse but Heaney, Harvey, Cahill, Barria. sequencing matters. pitch mix matters. mechanics matter. A coach is there to make a player better than if they were to go at it on their own. An overall philosophy is supposed to do the same. At this level of competition, the differences are super subtle. A pitching coach and manager and gm has to have a detailed understanding of what their players are capable of. I am going to repeat that in a different way because I'd like to emphasize it's importance. You can't expect a player to execute something they aren't routinely capable of executing. That is what I am seeing. There's a reason why the entire team (not just one guy) leads all of baseball in extra base hits allowed when the pitcher is ahead in the count. That's not just on the pitcher but on whoever is asking them to do things they just aren't capable of. Here's a specific example. Heaney on the mound. 0-2 count. Catcher calls for a fastball up and in. Sets the target at the upper inner corner of the zone. Heaney throws the pitch and misses location by a ball more toward the center of the strike zone. Home run. They created a philosophy that leaves these guys no margin for error. The analytics tell you what the right pitch should be if it's thrown in the right spot. What they don't tell you is what happens when you miss that spot by just a little. I've used this analogy before but pitching is like course management on the golf course. You've got to know what shots you have in your bag and what you are capable of in various situations. Yes, you might hit a 5 iron out of a fairway bunker on to a green surrounded by water once in awhile or drive a green on a par 4 but by and large those are very high risk shot and likely leave you in harms way if you're a little off. Once in awhile you might go for it. But by and large these pitchers are being asked to go for the green in 2 on every par 5. Hence the failures when ahead in the count. Baseball is a game of failure. There are right ways to fail and wrong ways to fail. They are being setup to fail the wrong way.
  4. he actually turned 23 two days ago but I agree with the point that he's very young still.
  5. Barria following an opener - 10.1 ip. 18er Barria as a starter 15ip. 7er. He's allowed 17 of his 27er this year in two of his 3 outings following an opener.
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    Send the Guru Packing!

    how many threads document you eating horribly.? I think you should try a salad.
  7. Dochalo

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    odds of him saying something stupid on his way out?
  8. Dochalo

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    Someone will pick him up. He can go give up dingers for the O's
  9. Dochalo

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    you guys have gotten slow.
  10. Dochalo

    Aaron Boone blasts the homeplate umpire

    you know it was staged because he kept using the term savages. He was paying homage to Randy Savage and the WWF. Total giveaway. Vince McMahon was actually in the crowd.
  11. that must have sucked for Harvey to take a red eye to the DR.
  12. thoughts, ideas, rumors, deals etc.
  13. silver lining players are Goodwin and Jewel. Jewel's stuff looked legit tonight. It's actually what I remember from watching him a year ago. Not sure what was going on this year but if he can bottle tonight's performance and repeat.
  14. I think you're gonna be disappointed. Think Drew Smyly or Mike Leake.
  15. Dochalo

    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    was totally gonna go with Wade Garrett but you stole my thunder.
  16. Dochalo

    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    it's Art Vandelay. He's an importer exporter.
  17. we've got that A+ gap of talent. No one in our top 20. Three in our top 30. Orlando Martinez, Oliver Ortega and Leon Rivas (on rehab in he azl). Chris Rodriguez was here prior to injury although I bet he'd be in AA if healthy. Bradish, Hernandez, Brady, Criswell have some mlb potential. Maybe Ben Morrison and Austin Warren as well. Almost forgot Chris Molina who got moved up recently as well. So a bunch of pitching depth but pretty lean on the position player side of thing. I still really like Martinez though. That's just a really sweet swing.
  18. there's some corollaries between him and Maitan actually. you know I love my comps. I get an Edgar Renteria vibe.
  19. you're just feeling some serious trade juju aren't you?
  20. he ended up 3-4 tonight so 14-29 over his last 5 games. and he's Trevor Story. Not Brian Dozier.
  21. I think they were left with high floor college SS or volatile HS arm with their 1st round pick. Tough call on the 15th pick. I doubt it had anything to do with anyone else already in our org.
  22. btw, you forgot the #5 hitter and new AW legend - Adrian Rondon. Hit is 5th hr. 919 ops. SS/3b. let's not forget he was probably the top intl prospect from the 2014 class and got almost 3m. He turned 21 about a week ago which means he's still younger than a college junior.