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    Kean Wong DFA'd

  2. almost wonder if this was an arrhythmia as opposed to a true heart attack.
  3. Dochalo

    Kean Wong DFA'd

    a candidate for a launch angle adjustment. 55.6% GB rate this year.
  4. Dochalo

    Kimbrel Signed

    Kimbrel is a perfect example of how you'd like to see the Angels run the team and why that's a terrible idea. Ask the Cubs if they'd rather have had Harvey and Allen (similar overall salary total) or Kimbrel. This is not in response to your post at all and I am not a Maddon fan, but how is this his fault?
  5. Dochalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (9/20/19)

    I'll take that bet.
  6. Oh. that pic threw me off.
  7. I bet the Padres hire Dombrowski.
  8. Dochalo

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (9/21/19)

    I'll be root for the Braves, Twins, Rays, Brewers, Nats or Indians. I hope every game the astros play goes to extra innings and they max out each series. Exhaust them and make their off season as short as possible.
  9. Adell has been in a serious funk since he started AAA. Another 0-4 tonight and he left 8 runners on base.
  10. Dochalo

    The Curse of Jered Weaver

    you forgot Baldoquin.
  11. Dochalo

    Gameday 9/19 Angels @ Yankees Walsh bats 5th

    I have a completely irrelevant Calzone stat for everyone. Up until yesterday, the Angels had won more division titles than the Yankees over the last 7 years.
  12. the start of the let down would have been delayed for awhile instead of happening right then. they were riding on pure emotion after Skaggs died and frankly playing over their heads during that stretch going 12-6. They entered the bmore/tigers home series trying to keep the momentum but reality set in all at once and that loss decimated the team physically and emotionally. But realistically, it was going to happen at some point. They probably could have held things together through the CWS series at home in mid August but there was no way it was going to happen beyond that with the schedule they've had. Overall, I think it cost them anywhere from 4-6 wins but we'd still be well on the way to a sub .500 season regardless. They just don't have enough talent on the mound. Truly though, that was the game that ended the season but the death of Skaggs is what got it started.
  13. I thought that at first as well, but the numbers don't bear that out. I agree that the eye test tells us exactly what Jeff said that he was gearing for the extra base hit when the bases were empty. That probably made shifting against him even more effective but who knows.
  14. I know that came off kinda snarky but I didn't intend it to. My point is that people still look at it and think it's telling them things that it's not. when I get some time, I'll break it down in a way that helped me grasp it better and why it uses certain components and not others. I think it helped me to understand why a guy like Albert could have a value as low as he does even though on the surface it doesn't seem like he should.
  15. Dochalo

    Andrew Heaney

    that brings up an interesting point. The Angels have made a clear effort to emphasize the four seam fastball ie not much movement and throw almost no cut or two seamers. There is literally like a handful of pitches that registered as such on pitch fx. With the ball being as ridiculous as it is, maybe there needs to be an adjustment from this mentality where they focus on inducing ground balls of which we have the 4th lowest rate in baseball. They've got like 9 hitting coaches. I think one thing we'll see this off season is them bringing in a couple of additional 'assistant' pitching coaches that will give guys a different look
  16. Albert with RISP as a halo: .279/.363/.462/.825 with wRC+ of 117 with the bases empty: .244/.287/.444/.731 with a wRC+ of 101 the thing that grinds my gears about this is that he's had almost 1400 PA with RISP as an Angel so clearly he he has a skill and it's not just an aberration. He obviously takes a different approach and the numbers back that up. Why the F hasn't he taken this approach in every at bat and not just with RISP? I'll tell you why. I figured it was that he hit the ball to the opposite field more with RISP. Nope. Then I thought it was maybe that he was more of a line drive guy with RISP. Nope. What I realized is that he actually didn't change his approach at all. They just changed the defense against him when no one was on. Fangraphs only has data on shifts for the last 6 years. Of which he's accumulated 3645 PA with runners on, they've shifted on him 503 of 1642 PA or about 31% of the time (PA which he didn't walk) with no runners on, they've shifted 956 times in 1751 PA in which he didn't walk or about 55% of the time.
  17. the stat is what it is. If you understand how it works then it would make a lot more sense.
  18. it's league average overall. For his position, he's got the second lowest wRC+ at 99 (just a shade better than hosmer) among the 22 qualified players.
  19. Dochalo

    Jose Rodriguez is starting Sunday...

    doesn't throw that hard for a reliever and doesn't have an out pitch.
  20. no wonder the Yankees have so many injuries.
  21. Dochalo

    Which young guys have futures?

    young players never get better. they all do exactly what they're going to do for the rest of their baseball career from the second they arrive to the majors.