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  1. Oz27

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Haven't posted here in years now but didn't know where else to turn. How crazily sad. Way too young, seemed like way too nice a guy as well. This is absolutely fucked. RIP Tyler.
  2. This makes sense, when you look at how the market treated sluggers with limited positional value this offseason. At this stage it is pretty reasonable to assume we won't see substantial improvement in his walk rate, so any big value boost will probably need to come from a HR surge. That always seemed possible but really hasn't come close to eventuating yet.
  3. Oz27

    Getting to 90 Wins

    Those projections are updated now, to include both ZiPS and Steamer. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/instagraphs/heres-where-the-projections-disagree/ The Angels are at 83 wins, so they didn't get bumped down quite as much as I thought they would. They can still change over spring training as playing time estimates become easier to make, but clearly the Fangraphs systems believe we should be slightly above .500. If the season went exactly as Fangraphs projected, we would end in a three-way tie for the second wild card spot with the Mariners and Rangers (with the Astros winning the division). http://www.fangraphs.com/depthcharts.aspx?position=Standings
  4. Looking at the lineup from Weaver's MLB debut really puts into perspective how long he was with the Angels. Dallas McPherson, Tommy Murphy and Adam Kennedy were all there and Kevin Gregg pitched in relief. Also Javy Lopez, who was about 400 years old at the time, hit cleanup for the O's. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/ANA/ANA200605270.shtml
  5. Whether or not those things are true, there were cases in the reigns of both GMs where Moreno had an unhealthy influence.
  6. Whatever, this really isn't an argument worth having so I've deleted the post. I still don't think it's unreasonable to respond to something someone else decided to bring up but I'll let it go. On a more important note, how has nobody mentioned/posted the greatest Weaver moment ever?
  7. Okay, that is valid. I'll file it in the "I'll believe it when I see it" section, though. When he has clearly had too much influence with the previous two GMs, it's natural to worry (or even assume) that won't be changing.
  8. $3 million? Damn, Scott Boras is seriously good at his job. Good luck to Jered, anyway.
  9. On the base runs stuff, I've done some elementary research into this to determine if there is a relationship between getting a large performance of your offense from one player and outperforming your base runs offensive expectation. The five "most concentrated" offenses in 2016 (by which I mean the teams who got the highest percentage of their wRC team total from one player) were the Braves, Angels, Reds, Astros and Blue Jays. Of those, the Angels and Reds outperformed their base runs expectation by a lot, while the Astros, Blue Jays or Braves were all very close to their base runs expectation (the Braves were under, the Blue Jays were over and the Astros met their expectation exactly). The five least concentrated offenses, by the same measure, were the Mets, Royals, Rangers, A's and Red Sox. Four of those five actually outperformed their base runs offensive expectation. Looking at one season is far from conclusive, but there is not an apparent strong relationship between having your offensive production concentrated in the way ours is and outperforming your base runs expectation There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern at all, from what I can tell. All of this has been a long-winded way of saying I think it was probably just luck and will once again be up to random chance in 2017. I don't think we're much more likely, if at all, to outperform our base run expectation by 50 runs than we are to underperform by the same margin. Anyway, on the key point, it isn't hard to see why projection systems would think our pitching will be awful again. Optimistic pitching expecations rely on breakouts (especially with the young relief guys), bounce backs (Street and Bailey are the obvious two to fit in this category) or successful returns from injury (Richards - and his layoff does impact his projections). Even with replacement level pitching, this is probably still a 70-ish win team. It seems safe to say the pitching will be above replacement level, but do I see it being 15 WAR better? Probably not. Even 10 feels a little optimistic. Overall, I think 76 might be slightly low on the over/under, and I would take the over. But I don't think it is as unreasonable as most others here think it is.
  10. In saying "not something we can take advantage of", I meant I'm not convinced it is something we would be better at taking advantage of than anyone else. I know Trout represents a huge chunk of our offense but sequencing luck still plays a huge role on the level of impact his hits deliver. What I'm saying is I don't think outperforming base runs is something that is sustainable, or which can be counted on. We had the biggest difference between base runs W/L expectation and the pythag expectation and the gap was pretty big. We actually outperformed our pitching base runs more than our hitting base runs (we were .29 runs/game better than our base runs expectation on the pitching side and .23 better on offense). Even if the offensive out-performance was sustainable and more than luck, I would struggle to believe the pitching aspect was any more than random chance and definitely not something I would count on happening again.
  11. And what makes you think any of these issues benefit the Angels over anyone else? Other teams have players the exact same thing could be said about too. Projection systems aren't perfect, but that path of thinking does not automatically lead to them selling the Angels short.
  12. I'm not sure I buy that argument. Do you have time to elaborate? The evidence I've seen makes me think sequencing isn't really something you can "take advantage" of.
  13. I'd probably take the over on it too. But it isn't the slam dunk that people here are portraying it to be, mainly because it's not that hard to imagine our pitching being horrific again.
  14. By base runs we were a 71 win true talent team last year. And, simply, every team's fan base thinks their team is much better than it actually is. There are people thinking just like you about their team on every baseball message board on the internet.