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  1. Ordos

    Angels aquire Rondon

    Agreed. Thankfully, Angels have one as a trade chip now. I wonder what we can get for him...
  2. Finally, another bulldog on the mound
  3. Ordos

    Two little birdies

    Hmm, in light of this, I don’t know if your birdies post was more disappointing, or the fact we’ve seen the Angels wait for a 3B ever since.
  4. Ordos

    AW Jargon...

    I can still hear Tad and his “Let’s Go Angels!” chants in my head
  5. Ordos

    AW Jargon...

    That’s the one!
  6. Ordos

    AW Jargon...

    Definitely at the top. I did always enjoy the fellow who claimed the mean streets of Angels Stadium parking lot as his stomping grounds (wasn’t that the guy who would put soda in his water cup at Del Taco, or some dumbass thing like that?) and wanted to fight everyone, and the thread where someone (blanking on name) really got bent on Percy’s hat
  7. Ordos

    Two little birdies

    Or never materialized
  8. Ordos

    Let’s go Dodgers

    I almost want to root for a giant meteor
  9. I expected half the board to have already commented, personally.
  10. Sounds like the story that Shakey Graves has about his name... (Warning: white people music ahead)
  11. Ordos

    Ohtani 6K’s in Japanese

    Jeez, we sucked
  12. Can he grow a sweet mullet, though?
  13. Ordos

    Ohtani 6K’s in Japanese

    That was cool. It was a little weird viewing the videos from right to left, though, so I hope I get used to it.
  14. What’s a superstar beer, and where can we get one?