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1 hour ago, Blarg said:

It's been so long since the last installment I have no remembrance of who on the cast is still alive. 


They only live ones that matter are Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.

And Viserion, who is dead.


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Winterfell looks trashed, and there are no dead bodies lying around. Jamie seems to have no more use for his fake hand either. 

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Just finished it. I thought it was pretty solid. Obviously its all set up at this point. I do have one potential criticism based on the after episode interview with the DB's. They called 'the revelation' 'the single most incendiary moment on the show' but its really hard for me to see how. Jon was willing to give up his title of 'King in the North' to get Deanery's to back him in 'the great war' now he's willing to create a ton of drama after finding out his true claim? All of a sudden he is going to want to be king to the detriment of everything he's built? 

I expect the drama is going to come from the other lords, but Jon just needs to keep that info to himself to prevent that.


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