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16 hours ago, Vegas Halo Fan said:

We're running either IE 8 or IE 9, I forget which. We have been warned against updating it because then our inmate data system would collapse in on itself.

This shouldn't be a shock. Nevada DOC was running an MS-DOS based system when I started (2001) that was an absolute nightmare. If anyone left a record open, no one else could even view the record until whoever had it open (or someone from IT) closed it. Needless to say, on night shift there aren't a whole lot of IT people hanging around waiting to close open records. We were just screwed if we couldn't get into an individual record.


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Sorry dudes. 

There is a paid service that I've referenced in the past not to see ads or pop ups. 

If you want a year or lifetime of no ads, pop ups or redirects you can PayPal $25 for a year or $100 for a lifetime of no ads. 

Gotta pay for the services provided here somehow.

PS: This is not happening on desktop PC, laptops, Samsung, Android devices or any other mobile devices outside of iOS. 

I would try using Google Chrome on your Apple iPhones to see if that helps. If not, it's clearly an iOS issue. 

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