SPs you'd rather see tonight than Nolasco

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2 hours ago, Homebrewer said:

Even you can't question my "fandom", and it has nothing to do with me being a fan or not. It's a question of whether I'll buy into such bullshit. If you don't have a problem with it, more power to you...but it appears that I'm not alone in questioning Scioscia's mental acuity.

No question away, but to not watch the game is gay. 

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So many great answers.  This thread is an example of how great this board is.  It had the obvious answers, the Tim Lincecum answers.  It had 80's reference answers like McCaskill, and Romanick and Jack Lazorko.  It had movie answers.  It had utility infielder answers.  It had answers I didn't even understand and I've followed the team pretty closely for 35 plus years.  My two personal favorites, Monee Davis (or however she tries to spell her name) and 50 Cent.  I also liked TR Bryden.  

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