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1 hour ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

Woah Woah Woah!

You didn't even give him a chance! 

In the Latino culture, when someone tells you to assault your wife, you do it immediately.  

So forgive Lou if he took my slight delay as a failure to adhere to his cultural mores.

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I’d like to think that outside the board life, cals and Lou have a relationship similar to Eastwood and the Barber in Gran Torino.

cals makes fun of Lou for hitting on his own cousin and asks  if his clothes were still wrinkled when he showed up for his court appearance.

Lou then asks cals how many schools, churches, movie theaters, malls, clubs, concerts.....he shot up today and how many times he let his dog lick inside his mouth.


Then monkey walks in and asks Phil, that old Italian prick, if he can get a haircut.

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