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1 hour ago, Lou said:

it's really amazing that he's been allowed to coach there for so damn long. constantly relying on transfers is a dumb way to build a winner, especially when there are so many good HS players in the SoCal area.

do you have any idea how much he makes?

Salary was largely paid to him through guarantees by many nat'l power home teams playing LB in non-league play.   Stupidest thing ever was the brainless new AD (as of March 2017) at LB (Andy Fee, or is it Feeble?) giving Monson a new 4 year deal, although allegedly being told to not schedule so many impossible non-league games.   

Allegedly, there is a 5 player incoming class for next season (four of them HS recruits and one juco recruit with 3 years eligibility left), three of whom are 6-9, 6-11, and 6-11.  I'll believe in that class when I see it.  Too many Monson screwup jobs smartened me up.

Of course, they had a good recruiting class in 2014, of which only ONE (Temidayo Yussef) stayed at LB beyond 3 seasons, Justin Bibbins left after 3 seasons to be first team all-PAC12 his senior season at Utah, and the other two players left after one season.

They haven't had a solid group of players play multiple seasons at LB since the Ware/Anderson/Robinson/Phelps group (with NBA player James Ennis also there during their senior seasons) was there very early in the decade.

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