How would you spend $40 million this offseason?

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14 minutes ago, Stradling said:

I like Eaton a lot, but no, I would not trade Adell because I have Eaton.  I also wouldn’t give Ramos 3 years.  I also wouldn’t give Donaldson 3 years and $60 million and I want to sign the guy.  Also, I think there is virtually no way Trout gets $500 million.  If we lost him to a team that paid him $500 million I would simply say, well that is insane and I would go back to following the Angels.  


3 minutes ago, Dochalo said:

all this stuff.  I'll also be astounded if Harper gets that kind of money as well.  

I know you guys think it is crazy but I really believe that is where all of them will land or at least pretty close to it.

In regards to Eaton I was simply pointing out that if you have a long-term solution in RF you could potentially use Adell in a bigger trade since he would be blocked. I like Adell and want to see what he can do on our team and it is very likely he stays and replaces Calhoun, perhaps sooner than we all think.

Just trying to point out that there options sitting out there for Eppler that could make our 2019 team a lot better. Some will materialize and become opportunities while others will never develop. We lack so much information, particularly the phone calls, e-mails, and texts passing back and forth between the GM's. Just so many players with 30 teams trying to remake their rosters, the combinations are endless.

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Just now, arch stanton said:

Sorry but I can't get past the PA column. When he passes 600 in a season let me know

Yes that is a concern and that is why his price is not as high as it should be in trade. Andrew Heaney plus a prospect probably gets a deal done. If those PA's were 600 each season Adam would likely command more.

To each their own. In terms of on-base abilities the guy is solid and would fit nicely as a lead-off hitter which we do not have. Feel free to pick your favorite it was just an example of what we could potentially do in this market, nothing more. Not even advocating it just put it out there since I am doing so much research across a wide swath of players.

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My $40m plan...

  • Sign RP David Robertson 3/$33m (-$11m)
  • Trade RP Blake Parker to WSN for SP Tanner Roark (-$6.5m)
  • Sign a non-tendered catcher such as James McCann, Phegley, d'Arnaud, or Wolters (-$3.5m)
  • Blockbuster trade SP Tyler Skaggs, OF Kole Calhoun, RP Cam Bedrosian (+ a decent prospect) to ATL for INF Johan Camargo and SP Bryse Wilson (+$14m)
  • Trade OF Michael Hermosillo to MIN for OF Robbie Grossman (-$4m)
  • Trade SP Jose Suarez, OF Brandon Marsh, and SP Hector Yan to ARI for $30m cash, SP Zack Greinke, and either SP Robbie Ray, SP Shelby Miller, or IF Jake Lamb (-$30m)
  • Non-tender Ramirez and Tropeano (+$3.5m)
  • Total added in AAV: $37.5m.

Greinke, Heaney, Roark, Ray/Miller**, Shoemaker, Barria for the top 5 or 6, with Canning, Bryse Wilson, Bridwell, and Sandoval in AAA.

Robertson, Anderson, Robles, Alvarez, Buttrey, Pena, Brice as the main 7, with Cole, Jerez, Jewell, Middleton as depth.

3B Camargo, CF Trout, DH Ohtani, LF Upton, 1B Pujols, SS Simmons, 2B Cozart, C non-tender, RF Grossman

Smith, Lamb**, Fletcher, FA 4th OF/ST invite winner - with Thaiss, Ward, Fernandez, Walsh, Rengifo, Briceno all at AAA.

**depending on who else is included in Greinke deal.

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Zero chance Trout gets 500 mil. And that looks probable compared to the chances of Harper clearing 400 mil. Bryce maxes out at 350 at absolute most. Trout probably gets 400ish. 500 is a story that journos come up with because it gets clicks. Based on last offseason and the recent trajectory of long term contracts, I’m not even bullish that either Harper or Machado beats out Stanton’s contract in years or dollars. I think they probably do, but I wouldn’t be stunned if either or both missed. 

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Trade Nick Tropeano and Mid-Grade Prospects  for Sonny Gray. +7.3 M

Sign Andrew McCutchen +12.67 M (3/38)

Sign Nathan Eovaldi 12 M (4/60 0 12/14/16/18)

Sign Wilson Ramos +8M (2/17 8/9)


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3 minutes ago, m0nkey said:

Do whatever the consensus was in Stradling's thread and then keep the other $10 million for myself


if this scenario includes me keeping whatever I don't spend, then we're going into a full f**ckin rebuild and you're looking at the halos new GM/RFer. 

Trading everyone except Trout and Simmons for prospects.  Albert into forced retirement with money deferred.  Sick lineup:

Rengifo 2b
Trout CF
Ohtani DH
Adell LF
Simmons SS
Ward 3b
Thaiss 1b
Smith/Briceno C
Dochalo RF

bench: Fletcher, JMF, Walsh, Smith/Briceno

Rotation: Barria, Ohtani LHed or Heaney if he takes a pay cut,  Trop, Canning, Suarez

Bullpen: Buttrey, Anderson, Pena, Brice, Almonte, Cole, Dochalo (lefty specialist)

I'll work for free. 

Payroll $58 mil.  $90mil in savings plus the $40 mil we didn't spend goes in my bank account.  

Tank has already agree to be the director of marketing and lunches.  

Noe Ramirez and Jabari Blash aren't gonna make the team.  

Dochalo bobblehead night is May 9th.  It's me in a reclining chair drinking a beer and eating a sandwich. 

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