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Would you be happy with Ottavino and Marwin Gonzalez?

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1 hour ago, Blarg said:

It sure looks like the Angels are done with picking up fielders. I think we might be looking at the final roster right now. 

That would be sad, IMO. It would be another "well, if everything goes right, we MIGHT compete" year. I feel like the last two were like that.

Really, if this is it, the most interesting aspect of the year could be watching how all the youth, including the one's we acquired in pitching last year AND the farmhands, develop. It will be an interesting, but not necessarily exciting, year.

I have serious doubts about our offense, especially until that unknown point in time when Ohtani returns.

But, in looking at our early schedule, it doesnt seem like that tough a schedule at all. Unless the A's get going on replacing starters, the only good teams we face through May are the Yankees (4), Cubs (3) and the Astros (2). Hard to say about the Twins and A's. 

We really play a lot of bad teams this year, based on last year's records. And the A's and Mariners should be weaker.

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