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Recipe Of The Day: Twice Baked Potatoes

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3 hours ago, Lou said:

I'll let you guys in on an old family recipe:

1. bake the potato 

2. bake it again 


please keep this to yourselves 

Sounds like a Craig....

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I forget the name of the place, but there was an old spot in Corona off the 91 that I think was off Green River Rd. Not sure if it's still around and I remember the owner ran for mayor 10-20 years ago. But they had the absolute best twice baked potato. I think their key was bbq sauce and they put brisket in it. It was good enough that I would consider going from OC to Corona for their food. Brisket was phenomenal, too.

Edit: Side note, place is called Backwoods BBQ. I think some shit changed, because I remember they teamed up with some real blue collar shithole called The Depot that was a blue collar dive there in the train depot. But I think they still make all the same shit that was at the Green River Rd. location.

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