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2019 Entry Draft Thread

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Seeing as our seasons our dead and buried, might as well look forward to June. Who do you guys want your team to draft? Hughes? Kakko? Byram?

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I'm worried about Jack Hughes.  Everything passes on him and he's still the consensus number one.  But it doesn't seem like he's the dominant player like some of the past #1 picks.  I just have this bad feeling that he'll be an good and even a very good player.  But not a franchise type player.  Also, he's American.  When is the last time there was a dominant American?

Kaapo Kakka.  Seems to be gaining steam.  But still the consensus #2.  Probably will be a good player.  But what worries me about him is that he doesn't do well against older.  In the TPS, which I'm assuming is like the European AHL.  TPS under 20 last season, 55 points in 38 games.  But in the TPS this season, 35 points in 44 games.  

Vasili Podkolzin.  The consensus #3 pick.  Another one of those dominates at a lower age against the like, but not really doing well when put against older.  

So the top 3, I have some doubts about.  

Oddly, according to Tankathon, if the draft when as expected.  The Ducks would select a Dman.  Bowen Byrum.  Didn't do much in the WHL the last 2 years, then exploded this year for 70 points in 64 games.  He doesn't look that bad on paper.  

The #4 guy on Tankathon is Dylan Cozens.  He's actually done decently in the WHL the last 2 seasons.  53 points in 57 games and 83 points in 66 games this season.  But Cozens has been ranked from 4 to 8 depending on the ranking system.  

This one is tough.  I would be a little conflicted if say the Ducks got a top 3 pick.  I'd almost say, if they could trade down to 4 or 5, it might be a more comfortable situation, in addition to getting extra picks.  

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#3 Turcotte - elite skating Center with very high skills & 2way play. He's like the next Brayden Point !

#4 Cozens - elite skating Center with an Elite shot & is 6'4 in height. Size/Speed/Shot all there in 1 package.

#5 Byram - fast skating (but not elite speed) Dman with great goal scoring ability with potential to be a 1D.

#6 Zegras great center prospect, good skater.

#7 Krebs another great center prospect, good skater too.

#8 Dach - Center with mediocre skating but has great vision & IQ. Sound familar ? Probably a liability in 3 on 3 OT where his mediocre speed is exposed.

#9 Boldy - LW

#10 Since the Ducks won't be drafting Podkolzin no matter what: Lavoie, Newhook, BroBerg is probably on their list at #10

Podkolzin has basicly stated he won't be coming to the USA anytime soon, will develop for a while in Russia. Pass. A guy who already says he doesn't want to be here = big risk.

My guess is Podkolzin falls to the Rangers who won't mind him developing in Russia while they tank next year.

Other 1st round talent: Kaliyev, Pelletier, Caufield, Soderstrom, Brink, Seider, Suzuki, Harley, Robertson, Heinola.

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