Albert Pujols is excited for Mike Trout to see “real” baseball fans

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You guys honestly think the Angels have a better fan base than the Cardinals???  Come on now.  Our fans show up late, leave early and spend most of the time not even paying attention to the game.

Don't get me wrong, it was a dick thing for him to say, but his point is still true.

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11 minutes ago, Tank said:

You guys should go to a game at Busch stadium. It’s a different (and better) experience than what we’re used to in Anaheim.

What @Tank said.

West coast fans, Seattle included just suck. 

I mean, most of us on here or those that spend the majority of their day talking about their team on a forum are the exception, but not the rule.

SF Giants fans are also an exception, as their fans are pretty awesome. 

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Just now, Taylor said:

I'm expecting a lot of new AW running jokes.

Some will be genuine jokes, others will be the usual suspects saying unintentionally comical things.

This could be a historic thread.  I'm glad we're having this experience together, brother.

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