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Mike Trout Traded to Houston for Astros

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By Associated Press

July 24, 2013


ANAHEIM - Sources close to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim GM Jerry Dipoto say that the two teams are on the verge of a blockbuster deal that would send 21-year old superstar Mike Trout to Houston for the Astros. Dipoto and Houston GM Jeff Luhnow are working out the fine-points of the deal, and seem to be stalling over a point; rumor has it that Dipoto insists on including Joe Blanton in the deal but Luhnow is hesitating. There's also the question of whether Houston is including only the 25-man roster or the 40-man roster.


When asked how he would assemble a team around Mike Trout with no other major leaguers, Luhnow allegedly responded, "Who cares? We'll throw eight scrubs in there and be better than we--or the Angels--have been all year."


Dipoto was reticent on the trade, but one analyst believes that he likes to have a lot of mediocre players to configure into some semblance of a major league team.


When questioned about the trade, Trout shrugged and said, "I'm just here to play ball and do the best for my team, God and country. I'll be a Yankee in five years either way, so it doesn't matter to me whether I spend a few months a year in Houston or Anaheim."


Advanced sabermetric systems have the Astros improving by two wins for the remaining season, with the Angels breaking even.

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This post got me to wondering how our own team might do with Trout and eight minor-leaguers. I'd like to see what would happen with that kind of lineup.

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