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Muscala does shoot 84% at the FT line in his career, and 36.5% on 3s in his career (not bad for a post player).

But, like Bullock, he's an UFA after this season, and only averages 16 min/game in his career.   At least Zubac was only a RFA.   

I want no part of the ball hog, Carmelo Anthony!

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Terrible trade - though it does fit with my narrative that the team has been inexplicably low on Zubac... meanwhile Muscala isn’t even shooting 40% from the field this year. 

I know someone said Zubac didn’t ‘mesh’ with Lebron but he’s clearly been a great fit with him on the floor because he knows how to finish around the basket. Zubac is also shooting 58% from the field this year.

Im starting to wonder what the purpose of ‘tanking’ has been, since we haven’t really seen much benefit from the kids we’ve drafted, essentially using them to get out from under bad contracts, allowed to walk or traded away for nothing. 

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